Doo Yoo Tattoo?

  1. How much do they charge for a small tattoo like that there?

  2. So I'm not sure if I'm late on this kind of ink, but its called InfinitInk. Apparently its a kind of ink that can be easily removed with one "painless" laser treatment. This is what i read about it:

    Infintink is a high quality tattoo ink that uses advanced scientific research. It's applied to the skin as you would any other tattoo - and it's there forever. But Infinitink is the first and only tattoo ink engineered specifically for removability.

    Today all tattoos are permanent and all are removable. But removing a tattoo usually involves several laser treatments from a dermatologist. An Infinitink tattoo is just as permanent as any other, but it can be removed with minimal lasering. That means less expense, less time and less pain for your customers.

    Im interested but wanna know has anyone tried this type of ink?? Thanks!!
  3. The shop minimum is $200 so it's pretty expensive.
  4. Oh, awesome! I took a look at some of his other work - it's really impressive, good choice!

    I might end up doing a walk-in, we'll see! My tattoo idea is pretty simple, but it's a little intricate so I'm worried about the lines bleeding together eventually. I figure if I go to a good place they'll be able to tell me what's possible and what's probably going to turn into a blob.
  5. If you're worried about that I'd definitely stop in and chat with an artist. Even if they don't have time to do the tattoo then they'll definitely talk with you about if it'll work or how to adjust to make it work. I have friends who got too small tattoos and ugh, they look awful. I'm forever grateful to my second artist who talked me out of a too small tattoo and really took the time to go through it with me.
  6. Not tested enough, IMO. Plus, a tattoo isn't something you go into with thoughts of removing it already there, ya know? If you can't commit to it, don't do it.

  7. If you search him on facebook, he was more recent things up. :smile: I agree with just stopping in and having a chat with them - honestly, I've walked into shops and turned around and walked out just because I didn't like the people working there. If you get a good vibe, then you know you're home... and what works in a shop for one person, might not work for someone else, you know?
  8. That's a good idea. I've got my heart set on the design, and I know there's a possibility it won't work, but the artist might have ideas on how to make it work. Did you end up making your "too small tattoo" larger, or did you just go for something completely different?

    Definitely. That's why I've been going around and stopping in, sometimes talking with people who are waiting. And I figure it'll calm the nerves a bit if I've already been there and know what the atmosphere is like. Thanks for the advice, ladies!
  9. Well...the idea was the same. My problem was the tattoo was too small for the place I wanted it and I wasn't willing to compromise on the placement since I'd been envisioning a long stem rose between my shoulder blades since I was 13. We went through books (he specializes in floral tattoos so keeps some around) and I picked out elements I liked and he designed a tattoo for the space that I'm still in awe of whenever I get to see it (which isn't as often as I like. Silly backs can be so hard to see).
  10. Absolutely gorgeous colour and shading. I'm glad you found the right artist for you. I know what you mean about the back placement though, I would just want to stare at it all day long!

  11. That's so pretty... I like how he did the thorns on the stems! I'd want to stare at it too :smile:
  12. Off to finally get my heart outline on my foot this Saturday :love:
  13. I now have 6 tattoos. :smile: Here is my newest:


    And here is the rose in memory of my dad:


    And this was done almost 3 weeks ago. It's almost healed:

  14. My first tattoo (ankle):


    Four stars for my 4 boys. Each star in their fave color: (ugh you can see my sun freckles.)


    And my right wrist:

  15. I just got my first tattoo 2 weeks ago and I love it! Its on my right wrist.This pic was about 4 hours after it was done. I was very pleased with it.