Doo Yoo Tattoo?

  1. Sandra, yours is so pretty! So is yours, Luna! I've been toying with getting one of a confetti rose (like my avatar) on my left shoulder blade, but I'm still on the fence about it. I need to stop watching Miami Ink! The tattoos that Kat von D does makes me want to run to Miami and have her do one for me!!! :nuts:
  2. As mentioned before, I have two - on my back, one on each hip.

    On my right hip, I have the Greek letter omega - I love Greek mythology and Greek letters.

    On my left hip, I have a grail - I love the while King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table myth, I love how it represents my English heritage, and I love how it's the exact same grail on the cover of Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD.
  3. I have three:

    A large dragon on my back - to symbolize strength and wisdom
    A cross on the inside of my right wrist - as a personal reminder to myself that all of my action should be led by God.
    The words "Omnia mea mecum porto" (latin) across my lower back - which means "All that is mine I carry with me" (my knowledge is my greatest asset).

    I'll post a pic when I get home.
  4. Not only am I scared of the repercusions of getting a tattoo (infection and whatnot), I'm scared of the idea of it stretching or as I lose weight it shrinking and looking bad. I'm not really into defacing my body, but if maybe when I get older and a little skinnier I might get it.
  5. LOL I've never heard a tattoo referred to as "defacing the body"

    Personally I'm a huge advocate of artistic expression in any form so tattoos only serve to make a body more beautiful in my opinion.

    But I suppose to each his own!! ;)
  6. Tattooing isn't self-mutiliation. The way I see it, if your body's a temple, then tattoos are a way of decorating.

    Which is not to say you should get one because everyone else has tattoos. You shouldn't get a design that practically everyone else has . . . why do you think I don't have a shamrock? . . . . a tattoo is beautiful because is it special and meaningful to you. It reflects a part of you.
  7. Well said!! :flowers:
  8. I didn't shoot down anyone who has tattoos. I think tattoos are great. It's a turnon when a guy has a couple of tattoos, but I just can't see myself getting any at this point because I (not anyone else) am scared.
  9. I have two. A symbol over my belly button, and one on my right shoulder blade. The eye of ra. I'm getting another one but i don't know where yet. They are very addicting.
  10. I got mine when I was 39. It's a dark pink rose with stem and leaves above my right ankle. Really no significance... when I went in, I wanted anything BUT a rose but after 4 hours of looking, it was the one I liked the best and knew I would love many years later. I wanted a hummingbird or a music note originally.

    Am glad I waited, too -- I almost got a tattoo when I was 19 but chickened out literally at the last second. The needle touched my skin and I panicked. If I had gotten that one, I'd now have a white buffalo on my hip that I honestly can't remember the meaning of although there was one at that time! :p

    Oh, and when my mom saw it --- the phrase "the blood drained from her face" actually happened to her! She said "OMG you have ruined your life!" But she said that to me when I was 16 and got my second hole pierced in my ears... which she finally did herself about a month before I got my tattoo.
  11. I have 4. I have a lower back, a front hip, a right ankle and a right foot. Two of the four I designed. I do have a shamrock. I went to Notre Dame!
  12. LOL "Omg you have ruined your life!!" that cracked me up.

    My dad got his first tattoo when he was 40!! Now he's covered in them...I think he's at about 20 or so.
  13. None none none!
  14. I got my upper and lower lid eyeliner tatoo several years ago.
    Prada love the violin... so pretty!:smile:
    YEUX love your tatoo!:smile:
  15. No tattoos for me, i can't fathom why i would want anybody drawing on my behind. :shrugs: