1. I was watching Dr. Phil and he has the woman who started this site and the guy who's suing her on the show debating about this.

    Here's how the site works (from the FAQ section):

    Q. Is free?
    A. Yes is free.

    Q. Is this site for women only?
    A. No, both men and women can participate in the online forum. Women post their bad dating experiences and the men who are posted on the site can post rebuttals. In addition, both male and female users can post comments to any posting by becoming a member today.

    Q. Will I stay anonymous if I post a profile?
    A. Yes. Your personal information is kept confidential and is used only in accordance with our privacy policy.

    Q. Do I have to be a member to do a search?
    A. Although it is possible to do a search from the home page, you have to be registered in order to participate in the forums or live chat and to access other sections of the website, such as the Members Only area.

    The man suing is saying that the women are allowed to stay anonymous and the guy isn't allowed to. (Before the lawsuit, he didn't know the woman that started the site.)

    He didn't like what was said about him. The creator of the site didn't say those things, the women who dated him did. And yet he's suing the creator of the site.

    What does everyone think?
  2. I think people tend to do things they wouldn't normally do when they're upset, and that there's a big difference between passing out fliers, a la Samantha on Sex and the City and posting stuff about them on the internet. That's like taking out a full page add in Variety.

    For the fliers, that's embarrassing to him, but the entire world won't see these fliers. If you post the stuff on those fliers online, the whole world will know about it.
  3. I don't people should get mad when the things they do come back to bite them in the butt. I mean, it's not like he did something in the privacy of his own home, or their posting his social security number. He had to have done something to end up on a website. I think people need to think before they act.
  4. Well, he was upset that the women were posting things that aren't true. (He's gay, he has STDs, etc.)

    Maybe in the future, to avoid legal troubles like this, the woman who created the site should put in there, "The opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the webmaster."
  5. I watched that too. I think the creator of that site needs to get over herself and just take what was said about him off of the site.

    He mentioned how potential employers can google his name and find this false information about him on this site. Yes, a woman might be mad about what happened in the relationship and how it ended, but why screw around with someone's life after the fact? Is it for self satisfaction or does she really believe that this will make the pain of the breakup go away or "teach him a lesson"?

    I don't agree with the site. Women can trash talk their ex's to other women, just as men can do with other men about their ex's. What is the point in posting someone's full name, location, sometimes even phone numbers as I've seen on a few of those listings on the internet? It's immature as heck and I think women should just move on and find someone better than that person who treated them badly. Once something is put on the internet, there really is no way of totally removing it. Everyone seems to forget that point and disturbing someone to the point where he wants to take legal action and appear on Dr. Phil is extreme.

    Yea, it sucks that the creator is being sued (by two men, actually) but come on. Like she didn't expect that when she came up with an idea to allow people to post those types of listings. When confronted on Dr. Phil she acted like the most self-rightous person I've ever seen on a television program. I was disappointed. And because of that interview, I hope she gets taken for everything she's worth.
  6. And if you actually go to her site, she said Dr. Phiil was being 'hostile.' He wasn't being hostile, he was just trying to get both sides of the story. (And excuse him for not agreeing with everything she was saying!)
  7. I agree! He was doing his job getting both sides of the situation. I'm surprised she didn't say something along the lines of, "He was being hostile towards me because he didn't believe what I'm doing by creating this site is a good thing... because he is a man" HAHAHA. Maybe she has just had too many terrible breakups and isn't mature enough to work her way past them. She was the only person acting hostile on that stage.
  8. Which brings me back to my original point: There's a BIG difference between what Samantha did (passing out fliers) and taking that same information and posting it on the internet.
  9. Yes I saw that episode, she seemed VERY full of herself. What's so bad about taken the mans information down. And remember when Dr. Phil asked her "Why she started the site, was she hurt before", she mentioned a relationship she had when she was 18, I mean gosh woman your 32-33 and your still upset about a relationship at 18. You were both pratically still in high school. Move on. She sounded very self-rightous and bitter. I meant to check the site out by the way.