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    I saw this website in US's very interesting. You can look for specific guys or guys in your area, state, etc. by clicking on search profiles. It's free. It's for girls whose boyfriend or friends bf cheated or misled her somehow. Alot of guys have girlfriends & the gfs don't even know he's married w/ kids or some are just in the relationship for the money. It a website for girls helping girls. No one I know is on that's a plus!:smile:
  2. Oh wow! I'm going to check that out right now!
  3. ARGH my work filter wont let me view it!
    Time to bust out the cell phone!
  4. Oh my gosh!! how awesome is this site!! LOL!
  5. hahah! Brilliant idea! I just hope that people keep it up truthfully... not make up nasty stories about a guy just because the relationship didn't work out.
  6. Isn't this an invasion of privacy?

    The concept is good ... but it can so easily be abused....
  7. wow. did not know there was a site like that. hmmmm. lets see.
  8. I saw this website being talked about on a talk show once.

    They were asking the founder how does she know is some of these women are not lying in order to get back at a guy.
  9. Right now she is getting sued along w/ 4 of the guy's ex-gf for $50,000.00 each. Lawyers are saying..The rule is, website owners do not have any liability w/ respect to postings made on the site, unless they exercise editorial control. If they completely take their hands off, they are not necessarily responsible. She doesn't edit or delete any thing any body posted & the guys can even go on the site & explain themselves & call out the liars.
  10. OMG this website is awesome!:nuts:
    Thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  11. :roflmfao:OMG -- this is FABULOUS! I already found two guys in my town to stay away from, lol. (though they didn't look like the type I'd date anyway). Meanwhile, I've got quite a few losers to post myself!
  12. Actually, it reminds me a lot in this way of F'ing where randoms can go and say whatever they want to about you and you can do NOTHING to set the record straight.

    But if I have to deal w/ lamos commenting on my appearence and personality on ratemyprof, then I guess it's only fair that all the loser guys around here can deal with getting the same treatment, lol:nuts:
  13. Yes -- it's the same w/ ratemyprof!

    sorry for the tripple posts -- but I find this whole topic of on-line defamation to be quite fascinating.

    Plus I'm bitter about A LOT of guys, so can't help enjoying the vacarious retaliation:graucho:
  14. haha I joined and put this guy up there. Not that anyone would use the site to search for guys they are currently with or talking to.
  15. cool website-checked for some of my "ex's" so either they now behave, are dead, or the women in their lives dont know about the website