dontcha hate it when...

  1.'re just sittin there minding your own bizness, readin a book, and someone comes up to you and says "whatcha readin?" and then proceeds to tell ya allll about the last book they read and if they liked it or not and how they need to stop readin and start studyin more and blah blah blah, when all you want to do is read your book IN PEACE?

    Boy do I hate that.
  2. Oh ya... :roflmfao:

    If the person is someone I like, I'll usually try/pretend that I'm listening to them rambling. If it's someone I don't like, I'll totally space off or continue to read my book and hopefully that person will get it and walk away. :sweatdrop:
  3. Whenever I try to read at work on our breaks, my coworkers talk to me (not usually about the book, just general conversation). I like them a lot, but sometimes I just want to read! haha
  4. I once had this happen to me on an 5 hour bus ride. The woman next to me forced me to tell her the general plot of whatever I was reading, and the proceeded to somehow relate every single thing to some part of her life. She then used this as a segway to tell me her entire life story, from birth to how she came to get on the particular bus we were on. I'm all for general friendliness, but after five hours, I was thisclose to cracking open the emergency exit window and just jumping out.
  5. yeah, I hate that. I used to work an office job and I love to read but have little time so I'd try to read in the lunch room. It was almost impossible to do if anyone else was there though.
  6. ugh yeah i hate that!!
  7. I completely agree! You're busy reading, obviously, so why do some people strike up a meaningless conversation?
  8. :lol:
  9. I've even tried wearing my IPod while reading to double discourage interruptions but then I get two questions? "What are you reading" and "what are you listening to"?

    On a similar note, I was once wearing my IPod while upside down in a yoga stretch before dance class. And I do mean upside feet were over my head. Someone actually bent down and tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and then asked what I was listening to.:wtf:
  10. lol, I don't that sort of thing happen over here very often.
  11. I had something similar to this happen yesterday, and yes, it's very annoying!

    I was in a holistic dog store yesterday, picking a few things up. The owner had gotten in a new brand, so I decided to ask her about it. There was some dude and his scary looking mom walking around the store, and he was wearing this big gold chain and carrying a 3lb chihuahua (which is bad, the chihuahua was too small, they are not supposed to be that small!!!) He was preaching to random people around the store about the benefits of "holistic pet care" like a pain in the a** know-it-all. THEN he ran over to me as soon as the question left my mouth for the store owner and started cutting in rambling on about junk I already knew. I wanted to PUNCH HIM. I hate people like that; if he knew so much he wouldn't be breeding "tea cup" Chihuahuas. That animal looked miserable!
  12. hehe yeah, I hate that too.
  13. i hate that.
    i was once reading a terry pratchet book on my commute and a man sat next to me and went into a huge speech about his fav pratchet book. i was like:confused1: and kept on reading.
  14. AHHH! I get this at Barnes & Noble all the time from random strangers...:rant:...I usually escape to the bathroom but then i lose my comfy seat!!!
  15. A few years ago I was sitting in the cafe on a ferry, reading a book of short stories by Alice Munro. Guy walks up to me and asks what I'm reading. Sigh. I tell him. He wonders why on earth I'm reading fiction, in the way you might wonder why someone was (say) walking around with a shoe glued to their forehead. Then he asks if I'm a writer, as if that might explain it. No, I'm not. Then he says, in a very satisfied voice "oh, you should try it - it's really easy!" - as if that would cure me of this silly need to read words written by somebody else. :rolleyes: