Don't your feet get cold without socks?

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  1. I feel so geeky wearing socks and shoes with lighter-weight pants like chinos and heavy linen feet get cold. Same with sandals if it isn't August. Are there any tips on how to rock socks in the springtime?
  2. I wear those invisible socks in all stars/brogues/low boots. Falke has great cotton ones!
  3. Agree! Go for invisible socks - they're comfy and they work
  4. It's my ankles that get cold!
  5. OMG I never wear socks LOL but I live in Florida LOL
  6. Don't mean to be presumptive, but I'd have your thyroid checked. Mine was low and I was freezing all the time. Just a thought. What you're describing doesn't seem quite right, unless you live in a very cold climate? Good luck!! :smile:
  7. I think cute socks with sandals and heels can look so fun and youthful! Ankle straps are especially adorable. Shoes with cutout panels are also great way to show off socks. :biggrin:

    Look for lace or sheer designs in solid colors for a more subtle and preppy look. Pick cute prints in cotton socks to show your rebel side. Ruffles and bows to grab more attention.

    If your outfit reflects that you took time to pair and show off your shoes/socks then you shouldnt feel awkward about wearing socks. Try googling "socks heels" for tumblr and pinterest examples of how socks fit many different clothing styles.