Don't you wish...

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  1. so, uh...what are the chances that i'll meet lindsay lohan, nicole richie, or paris hilton and tell them i'd do anything for a balenciaga city bag and they'd say, "here, have this one, i have like, many."



    i'm sorry guys, i just had to vent. i really, really, really want this bag and i went to saks a few weeks ago only to see like, 2 of them!!

    i nearly CRIED.

    i'm happy for those of you with one...or 3...or 5...or 10.:cursing:

    really, I AM.:crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. So what was wrong with the two available at Saks?
  3. I just sold a white City & a black Twiggy.
  4. You are so not helping her!! :roflmfao:
  5. Save up some $ and with patience, you'll get a B-bag soon dear.
  6. What colour are you looking for?
  7. ...your time will come. When you're able to go to a shop after having saved up for quite a while the feeling of joy and achivement makes the bag even more special. :yes: Don't get discouraged!
  8. i know it'll never happen...... but i would try wishing it :smile:

  9. I agree. I've wanted a Balenciaga for about 4 years and I finally got one 2 weeks ago and I'm about to get my 2nd next week:yahoo:

    Your time will come:yes:
  10. i was saving like hell for my first b-bag! i got it on ebay for a fraction of price... you just have to be patience and careful with that :P
  11. Oh sweetie!!! Your time will come! I doubt it will make you feel better, but I am 34 years old. Although I had a few nice Coach bags, I did not start buying the really pricey purses until last year. In a few years when you build up a beautiful collection, you will look back on now and laugh. Okay, maybe that is not true but I am trying to make you feel better. :smile:
  12. i had my 1st designer bag when i was 25, it was an LV.
    and i only purchased my 1st b bags about last year!

    btw becca that's a HUGE collection of b bags for a year period! :smile:
    i love them :P
  13. your collection is quite beautiful becca:yes: I love looking at your aviatar
  14. thank you guys so much! getting on ebay and just 'looking' has become a major habit with me. all these replies are really making feel better, really. i suppose it is a tad soon to want a pricey bag at a young age...

    fashion is fashion at any age.
  15. Maybe you'll find a good deal on ebay after the holiday season when everyone is looking to pay off their holiday debt :flowers: