don't you think this is strange......

  1. yes, I do. I bet they go pretty quick. You'll probably see them again on another auction with a bag attached.
  2. Its called "how to forge bags 101"...SICKENING!
  3. I love the "explanation"...her and her friends have so many chanel bags and these are just extra cards....RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTT!

    Its pretty scary!

  4. i love the irony of her saying, "Unfortunately, because there are dishonest Ebayers, " ...
  5. and $4.95 for shipping HAHAHA
  6. Ugh that's horrible!!
  7. "These cards rained out the clouds one day...."

    I hate those stupid stories people tell when they're doing something a bit off, it reminds me of those long 419 scam mails that go into so much detail.

    Strange - or more likely, outright facilitating other e-Bayers who wish to make out that their bags are real, when they're not.

  8. Wow...SAD!!!
  9. I wish there were a way eBay could regulate these people...
  10. We should keep an eye to see who bids/wins on them. Then warn everyone not to buy any bags from them if we see them on eBay/or report them.
  11. Good idea, Michele! I hate fake handbags, and I hate it when people sell fake receipts, fake authenticity cards, fake dustbags, "extra" boxes... get real, people!
  12. I hate this fake stuff too -

    Well the Item number is 6870481856. Let's see what happens. Also, I noticed she is selling another chanel bag but her client lost the authentity card - ya right.

    Actually, not only should we we watch out who buys these cards, but it is probably not a good idea to buy from her either
  13. This kind of seller makes me want to scream...
  14. that is so wrong
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