don't you think the Neverfull GM is too....BIG. Need help

  1. I've been wanting to buy the Neverfull GM eversince i laid my eyes on her. The only thing is that i'm wondering if it isn't too big for everyday use. Since it's really big and you can put alot of things in it, won't the bottom part of the bag be really "soft"? When you carry it on your shoulder, you can see that the things in it are "haning" down coz it's not really "hard" bottom

    I haven't seen the PM yer coz they didn't have it in stock and there was no showmodel. I'm having troubles which one to buy and i dont want regret my decision lateron. HELP!
  2. I was eying the GM as well but decided against it because it is really huge-I always carry quite a bit with me, like book, agenda, wallet, cosmetic pouch, Ipod, sweater, notebook, many keys and two phones as well but that is very well with the mm-with plenty of room to spare and is really not enough for the gm, it looks kind of lost in it.
    The whole bag is soft and unstructured, so the bottom would just sag if you put just a few but heavy items in it. Hope that helps and makes sense.

    Oh, the shoulder straps are really ok as far as I can tell after about ten days of using it, but I think they might dig into your shoulders if you load a gm to the max...

    but the neverfull is a really wonderful everyday bag!!!!
  3. thanks so much! yeah that's what i thought too but i wanted some opinion.
    But can you put the MM over the shoulder? coz i travel alot and i have quite a bit of stuff aswel and i don't want to bruise my arm.
  4. I also wanted the GM, but after seeing it on a couple people I changed my mind. It does look really stuffed, making it seem super soft. I just thought it would be a but more sturdy then that. I think you can put the MM over your shoulder. Keep us posted!
  5. I prefer the GM because I feel like I need a HUGE bag for everyday! I bring my laptop to and from work everyday and carry many things in my bag. I'm 5'8" and love cinching the bag closed and slinging it over my shoulder.

    The MM does fit over my shoulder though. My future SIL has one, wears the bag open and uncinched and it looks great on her, she' 5'4". Hope that helps!
  6. i dont think the GM is too big. i love big bags and i think it looks the best on. but i wouldnt stuff it to max capacity.
  7. i do feel that the gm is huge. personally i like the pm.
  8. I bought the GM over the MM because I like big bags. I like the way it looked cinched but did not like it uncinched, I needed to love it both ways to justify the purchase. I returned it and got something else of course. My sister has it and she loves it.
  9. I love big bags so I am bias....
  10. I got the GM..I love it!!
  11. I bought the Neverfull MM and to solve the sagging problem, I just used a couple of pieces of cardboard from the LV boxes and placed them at the bottom of the MM. No more sagging. (I also do this with my Speedy.)

    I think the Neverfull GM would be too big for my needs, but if you carry a lot of stuff, then go for it!
  12. MM definately fits over the shoulder. I think PM wouldn't fit over the shoulder very comfortably, but I think that it also depends on your body type..
  13. I love the GM if you have alot of stuff to haul around, but it can dig into your shoulders since the straps are thin. I use it as a beach tote, but not as an everyday bag myself....
  14. I have Neverfull PM, it's quite good size. I think GM is a little too big for me as I'm very small. It's a nice everday used bag. I use it everyday.
  15. I personally think that i don't carry alot in my bag but some people think that i'm going away for a week everytime i bring my bag. I carry the normal stuff; Agenda, cellphone, make-up pouch, wallet, perfume.
    My Marc Jacobs quilted Stam is quite full with these stuff in it so i wanted a bigger bag but when I get the GM it may feel that i have to put alot of stuff in it or els things will kinda get lost in it.