Don't you think that Megs and Vlad should move to NYC???

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  1. Ladies,

    I am being selfish and want to hang out with Megs and Vlad as much as possible after our supreme double date. I want to start a Meg+Vlad to NYC movement!!!!

    Just think, all of the bags and designers they would have at their fingertips, being in the fashion capital of the world?

    Who's in?

  2. Count me in! We'd have the skinny on YOU all the time! You buyin'?
  3. After our fabulous trip, a delightful double date, the possibility of us moving to the Big Apple may soon become reality!
  4. Ooh yes, because I want to have dinner and go out dancing with all of you!!!:yes:
  5. You guys should totally go! NYC is such a great city. Plus, then we'd always have the inside scoop on all things RM! And of course, it's all about us... ;)
  6. Find me a cheap place where I have a closet to fit all my bags and I am in!!!! :wlae:

    But really... more double dates are def needed!!! Vlad and your beau hit it off, they were in their own world. And it was hilarious! :P
  7. Ha they don't make closets big enough to fit anyone's handbag collection! You should see how I store my bags - they're like hanging off the walls over here.

    But you should totally move here, we could all go to Saks and ogle the new bags all the time!
  8. yes and please take me with you if you go. i'm light and don't carry that much luggage when i travel. :smile:
  9. I must admit, I packed heavier than Megs on our last trip to Cbus/NYC. Whoops.
  10. That would be great. Think of all the wonderful bags (and super sweet designers) who live there. I bet we would keep Vlad busy posting bag photos from all over the city though:upsidedown:
  11. Total girl! :upsidedown:
  12. He loves it!! As long as we get to go to B&H photo for him, all is good!
  13. I bet we would all be happy to pitch in for a GC as long as he keeps those photo's coming;)
  14. omgosh, move to nyc! it's such an amazing city--and just imagine all the sample sales you'd have access too!
  15. All kidding aside, the pictures are beautiful!!!! I love them!