don't you think that cobalt looks a LOT like BI?????

  1. at least in this pic, taken from atelier naff.... which kinda makes me wonder about cobalt... can't wait to see it IRL! [​IMG]
  2. ugh... does the pic show up??? i tried to copy/paste it from the site...

    can someone help post it here?? it's this one!
    well anyway, my point is, when are the bal people going to come up with new colors??? it looks like the unique, almost undescribable colors from 04 and 05 are extinct in the bal world...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. thanx a lot stylefly dearest!!!!! :wlae:
  5. You're most welcome:yes:
    And yes- I do think it looks a lot like BI!
  6. Daphne at BNY corrected me the other day and said they are not referring to it as cobalt, which suggests something else (?), but are calling it aquamarine. I asked if it was tealish, or more like turquoise or what. She said it is a dusky, slightly grayish blue, sort of like a deeper blue india. She said she has only seen a swatch. So it does sound like a blue india variation, which doesn't make much sense so soon. I was hoping for more intense, not at all gray.
  7. definetly only a shade or so different that BI... I feel like balneicaga is really playing it safe- and sticking in the same color genres, and not being very exciting at all.
  8. yep, totally agree with you mocean. It's high time Bal came up with more original colors. Ok,browns, blues and reds are best sellers, but really, do we need 6 kinds of reds and 45 kinds of blues? I really want to see some pinks,purples,greens and yellows to add excitement to the line. I know this has been suggested again and again, but I guess after seeing the a/w 07 swatches I am disappointed.
  9. I think its supposed to be a deeper version of BI - which sounds perfect to me. BI seemed too light for my taste. Cobalt is one of the colors I am looking forward to the most!

  10. I agree danae :yes: - to me too the cobalt seems to be very similar to the BI ;) - but didn't seen it IRL yet :s
  11. too bad they chose this season to discontinue the purse, eh, firstclass??? :push:
  12. i think cobalt looks a little more green than BI tho.

  13. You're telling me!!! danae love :heart: :love: !!!! ​