dont you think kelly looks stunning with longer hair:

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  1. around 97 i think a bit later:
    the yeard of dillema y'all know it! *she said YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN TO ME....*:
    this was last year i think this is the best she has ever looked, i think the color and style just suit her face! she is stunning like this!

    also nice pic:
    the loose my breath fro, with all the lovely ladies of DC:
  2. I like her with longer hair. She is beautiful, i just recently saw a pic of her at LA Reid birthday dinner and she looks amazing.. I will post the pic.
  3. [​IMG]She's beautiful here, and

  4. I've always thought she was gorgeous. I liked her hair short and long. But Now seeing pics of both I think that longer hair suits her more.
  5. she looks good with longer hair!she has a sweet face!:lol:
  6. Agree.
  7. I think she looks much more lady like with longer hair. Very Pretty
  8. Not everyone can rock short hair! You must have good facial bone structure to do so. But the rule of thumb is that if you look hot in short hair, you will look hot in any hair style. Unfortunately, Kelly is one of those persons who doesn't look good in short hair...
  9. i think she looks a lot prettier with longer hair.
  10. She does look better in longer hair!
  11. No matter what, she always looks awesome. I always thought she outclassed Beyonce- hard to do, but she does. Has Kelly gotten married yet?
  12. No didnt you here she called her engagement off (BTW i dont know how reliable the sorce was) becuase her fiance cheated on her and she caught him, that why her new album was amainly about getting over the break-up, but after finishing the record ther company didnt like it and threw the entire album away, beacuse it wouldnt appeal to the mass market i.e. teens and POP, and she went back to the drawringboard to make a new RnB-pop album similar to the beyonce type stuff. I think it was so rude for them just to throw away 6 months worth of work, i heard some of the old stuff and it was sooo good it was deep and meaning ful, one of the songs, so this is love... was recorded at 2am when she was feeling really low and was thinking baout her ex she just wrote the song and with the tears flowing forrm her eyes she called her friend to play the backup and recorded the song whist crying, i loved the song it was SO AWSOME and came from a real place and the imperfections made it even more beautiful IMO but thats scraped now and she will make some DIVAish songs abotu nothing important.:rant:
  13. Kelly is one of those girls that would look great in a trash bag :yes: I love the fact that as she has gotten older her style has evolved.
  14. I agree hands down. I always thought she was prettier than beyonce IMO...
  15. I recently read that he said the engagement was called off b/c after going thru pre-marriage counseling, they both realized that they didn't know each other as well as they thought which makes sense to me.

    BTW, Kellyi s gorgeous but I definitely like her with longer hair.