dont you love it when

  1. :flowers: you find bags in your closet that you never wanted to use before but then you realize that they had potential? i dont know if it was because i just shelled out on these gorgeous chanel sunnies but i have four burberrys, all in the plaid. i use one jacquard sling, and then the other three ive never used. but i found these two in my closet from the i think it was the blue label? and its like a narrower tote which would be perfect for a notebook and a book when i go to like B&N till i can get my hands on that mulberry joel and this other like semi circlish one that i first thought it was a bigger cosmetic case..until i opened it and lo and behold...a strap long enough for it to be a side pack type of bag!!! it was great in midst of all this non mulberry joel..ness. has this ever happened to you?
  2. That's great! I love the Burberry Blue Labels. Every now and then I start using an old bag. It makes me feel like I got a new one without spending extra money. :biggrin:
  3. when did the blue labels come out? like i found these in another closet a while ago, stuffed it into my bedroom closet, i have no clue about the blue label, what did they come out with then?
  4. I believe the Blue Labels are the line of Burberry products produced in Japan. I think you can get them in other Asian countries, though. They are completely legitimate, and I really like their styles more than regular Burberry. I think the Blue Label line looks much younger and more urban-chic. It's very wearable.
  5. gina you are a godsend thanks!! i was like uh...i have no clue about these bags, and my mother would never buy a fake designer bag, i figured they got these from bloomingdales before like discount or something, cause, well put it this way, if i want people catering to me i just drop my dads name, but then they all crowd and fawn over me because they think im on speaking terms or share their bank account with them. but i was like...uh just wtf are these real beucase i havent heard about blue label here, and the only asian countries theyve gone to are indian related places but they wouldnt buy hand bags there, but theres nothing to suggest that their fake or anything..
  6. i just dont know about the line i guess.
  7. No problem!
  8. i tend to buy things on sale and off season
    i jsut started wearing a gorgeous pink coach optic signature bag and everyone is like omg that is gorgeous where did you get it

    i love finding things in the depths of my closet but hubby doesn't share my excitement
    it just further makes him go you have more stuff than you know about
  9. I love refinding handbags, shoes and clothing!

    I live most of the year kind of out of a suitcase, so a lot of my clothing/accessories remain unused. I love revisiting things.

    I also buy a lot of stuff because I like the design. I won't wear it because it's too precious to wear or it just doesn't fit my fashion mood for the moment. Then a couple years later, I'll find it and start wearing it. This happens with my evening dresses and shoes a lot.
  10. Yup! That's great though, because you can be pretty sure that other people won't be wearing the same thing.
  11. I love re-discovering things again. This usually happens w/ clothes and bags that I leave in the west coast.
  12. I tend to collect/hoard stuff so whenever I visit my collection pile, it feels like shopping for them all over again except that I have them already!
  13. hmm now i wonder what i would find if i attempt to clean up the other closets....nah lol im content with these two finds.