Dont you love Boot Time of Year?

  1. I must admit even though I don't like the cold weather much I just love this time of year when I get to wear all my new boots, don't you? Here's a pair of my latest (they are Diagi's). Lets see some of your favorites -
    Andreas Diagi Boots.jpg Andreas Diagi Boots 2.jpg
  2. Wow! I would break my neck in those! Respect.. :cool:
  3. I would too, but...they do look sexy. I'd probably just wear them around the boudoir..:graucho:
  4. Dang those are hot!!

    I am so lucky here in Seattle....I can wear boots nearly 3 seasons of the year. I love midcalf and ankle boots as I live in slacks and jeans 99% of the time.
  5. I love, love, love to wear boots. I live where its mostly warm so I can't wear them as often as I like.
  6. Those are effing HOT on you! Super Sexy!
  7. OMG! i would break my neck wearing that boots!
    kudos to u girl :p
  8. I would kill to be able to wear those boots-spikes and snow just don't mix!
  9. Wow, those are sexy!
  10. I've seen those, but they're very pricey!

    Andrea, how is the quality of the Diagi's? Where did you buy yours?

    Can we see a photo of you wearing them?
  11. :shame::shame: am i the only one that thinks they look like hooker shoes?
  12. hmm.. they are a bit much for me too
  13. i LOVE boots but i used to be a dancer so have huge calfs, it is really hard for me to find heeled boots that will zip up! :sad:
    my dh would LOVE those! he is desperate to get me in a pair like that! lol.
  14. They do, but more like what the the high-end Versace clad hooker would wear. :smile:

    Seriously, everyone needs at least one pair of these for the occasional rock concert, or whatever.
  15. So would I.