Don't you just love that feeling...

  1. chanel.JPG

    ...straight out of the Chanel store, having a coffee, looking down at your bag and just...yum.
  2. No because mine is getting here through fed ex tomorrow, but I do know what you mean. Been there done that enjoy
  3. oooo what did ya get??? Do tell. Pics too please
  4. I got that feeling yesterday when I got my Cerf Tote!;)
  5. Never had that feeling, I'm a Chanel virgin but I can only imagine how yummy it is. Congrats on your new buy!
  6. ummm, hello!?!?! Show us the goods!
  7. ^ LOL! Yum, indeed. Now where are the pictures?
  8. I hate these teaser posts!! I'm dying to find out what you got =)

    But yes, I love the feeling!
  9. I wasn't going to post pics of the Beige Cerf tote I got, but I had it out and trying on different scarfs with it so I thought what the heck. Here she is with her sister the pink one. I usually do not buy 2 bags that look similar but I just :heart: the style and the pink one isn't too versatible so I just had to get another one:graucho:
    beigecerf.jpg cerftote.jpg
  10. OMG that is GORGEOUS.

    You should make a new post so that more people see it because they both deserve all the attention they get! That pink is so fab and the beige is gorgeous!!!
  11. GORGEOUS siblings!!!
  12. Thanks Jen & Swanky! I'll make a post after I do some chores. Have to make DH believe that I don't sit here surfing tPF all day long.:shame:
  13. stunning
  14. Fabulous!!!!!!
  15. Wow that's beautiful. Thanks for putting another bag on my list.