don't you just love it when your SA calls...

  1. saw caller id and knew my SA was calling me. got those butterflies in my tummy, wondering what she could be calling about. dare i hope???
  2. Yes Hope
    dreams can come true
  3. Dare we hope????

    Whatcha got cookin missy???? :p
  4. anyone care to guess???
  5. oh no, my toddler is getting up from his nap...
  6. GAH! Quick - spill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish MY SA would call...
  7. ok, let's do this FAST!

    introducing my first birkin...miss blue jean!!! her stats:

    30cm togo PHW

    i have two kellies that i sort of have to baby: black box and white clemence for obvious it's so nice to have this birkin. feels so durable, and i love the ease of getting in and out for wallet/cell. i thought i'd miss the shoulder strap, but so far so good, even with a toddler! i find myself stuffing more and more things in b/c the top is open.

    surprising the togo is soft like my clemence. i even see that it's going to get floopy on my (see left bottom corner) i'm letting her rest on her back sometimes and always tug at the straps to maintain her girly figure!

    ok, gotta jam! my son wanted me like 10 minutes ago! i'll post some action pics in the action thread tonight after he goes down.

    thanks for letting me share!
    BJ BIRKIN.jpg
  8. Heehee, I love fast and furious strip shows :nuts:

    CONGRATS!!! :yahoo:Blue jean is gorgeous in clemence. Great choice!

    This is my kind of striptease -- fast and furious....I love this new addition, a great splash of color for your collection! ENJOY!
  10. Congratulations! It's beautiful and I know you will get lots of use from it.
  11. WOW what a gorgeous bag!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !
  12. ^^^YES!!!! LOL!

    Gorgeous! ENJOY!:heart:
  13. wow better update your wish list!!
  14. my kind of girl - absolutely no teasing straight down to it.

    gorgeous bag :drool:
  15. Congrats! It's a great bag and I really like blue jean:jammin::woohoo: