Don't you just love it when your neighbours ...

  1. are closer to you than you want them to? :p

    (sorry, long :flowers:)

    I just read the thread about the neighbour who keeps moaning at 6:30am and it reminded me of how you sometimes see/hear/etc way more of the people around you than you want ....

    I live in an appartment building which has other building all around. If I look out of my bedroom window there's a patch of green and then there's the next appartment building. The windows just opposite of mine belong to an appartment an older (50+) man inhabits. One is his living room window, one is his bathroom with milk glas windows (is that how you say it? the blurry kind of glas?)

    Thing is: Neighbour likes to be naked :wtf: :sad:


    The evening me and my SO moved in we really had a "Friends" moment. It was already dark, we went into our bedroom and the lights in the other appertment were lit. Apparantly we looked (come on, don't tell me you wouldn't have:graucho:) and suddenly we see him his outline behind the bathroom window. Then the lights of the bathroom go out and he walks into his living room where we see him in all his naked glory, he then sits down and STARTS POLISHING HIS COIN COLLECTION

    SO just looks at me: Wow, I think we just got our very own "Ugly Naked Guy"! :roflmfao:

    Whenever we have friends visiting us or throwing a party, there are always people checking for him now and they are never disappointed
  2. rofl.......who needs a tv when you have your very own
  3. My first house alone in the East Bay 5 bedrooms plus 3 full baths. I lived alone, but still vaccum all the rooms. One day while vacuuming the room that would have been for a baby. (no window dressing mind you) Was the first time I realize my next door neighbor's bathroom was so close. I saw a hairy man (my first) naked front and back. Literally made me ill. Wrecked my vaccum cord and NEVER cleaned that room again.:push: :push: :sick::sick::yucky: :yucky: I sold that house in a hurry afterwards. This was a million dollar neighborhood!
  4. My friend used to have an apt like that, and we had a girl across the way that was not so attractive for multiple reasons, but we'd get drunk and sit there waiting for her to appear. I swear it was like an episode of Mutual of Omaha.
    "Here we have the specimen in her native habitat. Notice the plume of hair? She extends it in a sort of mating call to all the males. Her scent extends to the perimeter around her. FACINATING!"
  5. :wtf: :wtf:
  6. Haha, to get to the schol I used to go to I had to pass by an aparetemet complex that a a corner sticking kind of into the street. With big windows, so that everyone that went by could not avoid looking into the kitchen. On some monings some other students and I went by it was not uncommon to see the person living there naked not minding anything at all having breakfast. :wtf:

    Also In Paris when me and some friends got home from clubbing about 3 am there was a nude man smoking out standing with the french windows open. We were shocked, but wen he saw us he started smiling and nodding like he wanted us to join him. :s It was kind of creepy, but we couldn't help laughing. It wasent a dangerous situation or anything like that anyways. Later on a friend of mine that has been living in paris for long time told me it was not uncommon for parisians to stand like that and smoke afte they had one night stands.. :shrugs:
  7. Well our neighbour´s kitchen is just under ours and the ventilation system gets their smelly cooking right in our kitchen.....curry, garlic, fish 5 oclock in the afternoon, which is coffee time for me.
    also their bathroom is under ours, can hear the man doing his "thing". Oh well, they don´t seem to have sex, it´s all that matters.
  8. lol, poor you .... don't get me started on the cooking ... the couple that lives in the appartment unde ours is in their 70s and when they cook lunch or dinner the whole freaking house smells :push: ... it seems that all they ever make are meals with cabbage :throwup:
  9. LoL... wow, my life's boring against that :upsidedown:
    Our neighbour just likes to drill at 11 pm or moving furniture at 2 am... and she placed this ugly stone lion right between our door and hers :hysteric: That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen............
  10. I have the perfect solution...Invite a bunch of friends over..Pop some popcorn..Place everyone in front of window area with signs...If he pulls a naked frontal..Have them raise the sign with like a number 5 or lower on it....Consider it the naked rating system(1-thru 10).Bet he'll stop after a few signs from you and yours friends..Oh and yes...Making gross wretching faces helps as one holds up the signs as well
    Hope I was of help in your dilemna

  11. lol, you're cute ... some friends actually cheered at him during a party :sweatdrop: ... but I don't even know whether he realizes that he is so visible or whether he doesn't even care :shrugs:

    To be honest, I don't really care (ok, I'd much prefer it if he was about 30 years younger and hot :graucho:), it's just a funny thing that comes with the appartement

    If anyone's interested: Here are his windows: :p


    btw, Eva, I want to see that lion :roflmfao:

  12. LoL... there you go... just took a quick shot w/ my mobile and jumped back in my apartement (notice the right door, which is open...)... hopefully nobody saw me photographing this "thing" :nuts:
  13. lol :roflmfao:

    wow, your neighbour must be royalty, I take it?!

    EDIT: btw, I just noticed how weird the picture I posted looks. Our bedroom isn't all white!
  14. This is such a funny thread. I live in a big apartment building and I have seen naked from several of my neighbors. My apartment is such a way that I can see into their places, but they can only see my dining room table. It is not like they don't have shades on their windows! It is just really strange when I see them in the elevators. I have wondered if some of those people are on tpf!
  15. Ugh, yes! It's not really that my neighbor is too "close", it's more than she is just plain NOSEY!! I live in a relatively small town (Prichsenstadt) where all of the roads are cobblestoned and a majority of the houses are over 100 years old. The street that I live on is one of the oldest in the town, and all of the houses are very close together and directly on the street...No front yard or anything. Granted, the street isn't busy and there are only 6 houses on it...but still. the lady who lives across the street from my Oma (who lives nextdoor to us) likes to walk very closesly to "our side" of the road...Meaning, that when she passes our house, she'll walk very closely to the wall, stop...and look in the window!!

    I'm the type who tends to leave things in the living room, like when I get out of the shower, I sometimes run naked into our living room, grab my clothes and then get dressed in the bathroom. I don't think she has walked by during one of those times yet...But Bart and I were sitting on the sofa one evening watching a movie. We had the lights on in the living room and it was dark outside, but we have curtains on our windows so you really shouldn't be able to see much from the outside. Well, we were kissing on the Sofa, and she walks by...Puts her head down so she's looking under the curtain, then knocks on the window and waves....Oohhhh, she makes me mad!!!