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Jul 5, 2006
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Those pointy-toed high heels? They're just so 2006

Samantha Critchell
The Associated Press

New York — Out with the old, in with the new.
What a noble thought as we start 2007. But, unfortunately, that's easier said than done when you start to think about what you might have to part with from your wardrobe. There are those pointy-toe pumps that make you feel both sexy and powerful, and those boot-cut jeans that are so flattering. Sorry, they've got to go, says stylist Robert Verdi. Also, that 1950s-style circle skirt that Sarah Jessica Parker single-handedly brought back on "Sex and the City" now looks like a rerun.
"I'm not saying get rid of the skirt, just put it in neutral," Verdi said. "You might wear it twice this year. If you do keep that skirt, shorten it to the knee, wear it with black leggings and a ballet flat."

I mean why would you want to give up "those pointy-toe pumps that make you feel both sexy and powerful, and those boot-cut jeans that are so flattering." just because someone you dont even know says you should?

Sorry - I'm going to keep wearing what I think is right for me - pointy toes and all!


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
that's so stupid. why would anyone give up what they know looks good on them because it's "out"? even if more than one "stylist" says they're out, so what? you wear what you know will always work with your body...hence why they're called, classics! pointies and bootcuts are definitely classics in my book. :love:


Sep 22, 2006
But how will they continually be able to convince everyone to buy an entirely new wardrobe every season unless they tell you what you already have is outdated?

I've believed what everyone else here has said for years: if it works with your body and your style, then it is always "in". I've never worn pointy toes because they hurt my toes and make my feet look enormous (what with the extra inch or more of shoe that my toes don't touch). And I never will. But next time rounded toes go "out" you can bet I'll still be wearing them!


I admit it, I obsess
Aug 20, 2006
OMG!!! I absolutely hate when these so called "stylists" say crap like that... I dunno whose dumber, the people that say it, or those who actually listen...:hysteric: I think its so sad that these stylists set these rules for the general public solely based on what the stars are wearing, i mean seriously...the only reason the nicole richie's and jessica simpsons are "trendy" and "stylish" is because all these stores and brands are just handing them the next "it" thing to wear...ummmm...FOR FREE!!!! :shrugs: . You shouldn't spend a fortune follwing trends and then throwing them away a year later just because Verdi says it's no longer fashionable!!
Wear what you want, like and look good in...and BE PROUD!!!
This is why I indulge in bags, you can buy a good handbag and wear it for the rest of your life...Don't get me wrong, i also appreciate clothes and fashion, it's morons like this guy who ruin it for me!!


Feb 7, 2006
I definitlely agree that we shouldn't be taking advice from a guy who dresses like Robert. I just bought a new pair of pointy toe pumps yesterday, and I admit I bought a pair of the "skinny" jeans, I'm still planning on wearing my boot cuts--they look good on me :smile: