Don't You Just Hate When This Happens?

  1. Today I felt in need of a little treat (been wanting a new wallet) so I stopped by my local LV boutique and decided to get myself a Monogram Vernis Pochette. I looked at a few other things in the process though. The SA was nice but also very new, so he had to ask around for item codes and things. Anyway, as he was attending to me there was another lady who walked in and just kept interrupting us. It was obvious that he was assisting me and that he was searching their database for my information but she kept interrupting with "can i see this one?" "how much is that?" etc. My SA politely informed her that he was still finishing up a transaction for me and asked if she could please wait so that he could attend to her better. She then says "well, I just want to know how much that is."
    The SA goes to swipe my card, comes back for my signature and again this lady is pointing to something. He goes to wrap up my wallet and she calls to him again. I just don't get it! Don't people have any manners anymore? It's simple etiquette, right? And it really ticks me off when this happens. After all, I always wait politely for my turn. I don't know why it is so hard for others to do the same.
  2. I have but my sa yelled at the person that she was assisting a costumer:lol:
  3. The nerve of some people... I would have called security on her. :p
  4. kind of ruins the moment...

    Anyway, I posted pics of my new acquisition. Looking at it eases the pain a bit (hahaha)
  5. Urg some people are just rude!
    Congrats on your new wallet though!
  6. When my SA was showing me my bequia bag she had both colors over the table and there was a girl comming and asking
    Oh is this new?? how much it is ?
    and my Sa told her:
    I am with MY costumer right now and he has to pick one first LOL I tought it was funny
  7. What a cow that woman was.
  8. LOL some people are so silly.
  9. One I was in a store and the SA was wrapping up a Damier speedy and he was folding it into the neat little package for her, it looked really cool how he was folding it into the box and this man in the store kept saying "What bag is that! What bag is that! he was so amazed it could be folded so small --- LOL that man was my husband ROFL
  10. omg was he the only SA in the store?? what the heck :s
  11. Eugh i would have been peed!! Your SA should have been firmer with the rude woman!
  12. ^
    Yes, I agree. I usually walk around pretending to look at stuff or being occupied with the interior when all Sas are busy. That customer needs to learn common etiquette and the only way is unfortunately is being told clearly to wait. [​IMG]
  13. UGH, I hate those people. I always give them a dirty look and if they dont get the hint I say something too just to embarrass them. Like Oh I will be done soon blah blah

    I think certain rich people (usually really old ladies from my experience) are sometimes so spoiled that they feel they dont have to wait, either way its just plain rude!!!
  14. oh god I hate when that happens. It happened to me last year in Rome. This SA was helping me choosing a messenger bag and this lady kept interrupting and asking questions. When the SA told her she could only answer her questions once she was done with me, the lady flipped out and started cussing and asking for the manager lol.
  15. Oh man I hate this too!! You feel like saying "Would you please SHUT UP AND WAIT YOUR TURN!!!!" :hysteric: