Don't you just hate opportunistic ebayer's selling Louis Vuitton?

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  1. #1 Jan 27, 2009
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    Hi everyone

    This is my first post because usually I just lurk here but I am very frustrated about sellers who do nothing but profiter from great brands such as Louis Vuitton and the like. They make money on the backs of companies without contributing to anything in the production or marketing process at all.

    These sellers are the what I would call "bottom dwellers", they are the lowest form of existence, always claiming the item is "Sold Out" or unobtainable when i fact that is NOT the case. It makes my blood boil and I call it a scam and not far off pyramid selling or the 419 Nigerian internet scams. These ebay seller are just as bad as any other low life scamster in my eyes as they are trying to make money by deception. To me there is not much difference between a seller selling a fake by deception then selling to profiter by deception.

    We all know that Louis Vuitton never discount but paying above retail price is just plain ridiculous. Who do they think they are? I hope no one here at The Purse Forum buys off any of these unethical sellers. :cursing:
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    John5, why did you remove xxxxx, the seller I was talking about?
  3. Just because some Ebay sellers sell HTF or new styles at a profit does not make tham unethical sellers!! If it were me, I would try to locate the item through LV's system rather than pay a premium over retail, but there are others who have more $$$ to spend than I do and will pay the premium to be assured of getting the item right away or immediately. There must be enough buyers out there who purchase off Ebay for premium prices or the sellers would not be bothering with it. But to say they are unethical or bottom dwellers would not be an appropriate description. If they bother you, simply skip their auctions and don't buy from them, its that easy!
  4. You have missed my point a little. So by claiming the item is "SOLD OUT" when it is NOT is ethical to you?

    southerncharm, you have this forum to keep you updated and educated when it comes to LV or luxury items. The average "Joe" doesn't. When they read it is sold out or unobtainable they are being lied to. Simple as that. What is the difference between being told that or being told it is a genuine item when in fact it is a fake/copy? Sorry but both sellers are just as despicable IMO.
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    There are many sellers on eBay selling LV items more expensive than HIM.

    I undetstand how you feel....buyers who have$$$$$+++ prepare to pay that price..hmmm...Also buyer ID keep private... who can help these buyers! On the otherhand, I think when the buyers got the item, they are happy and excited about their LV item.
  6. eBay is a place for people to capitalize on difficult to obtain items. I agree that one should not state that an item is "Sold Out" when indeed it is not. However, potential customers should do their own research and not rely solely on the information provided by the seller.

    There are many unscrupulous sellers on eBay, most of which are far worse than this one.

    If a seller can move their goods at an inflated price, more power to them! They can only charge what people are willing to pay.. If the price is too high, the item won't sell and they will be forced to lower their prices.

    If you do not agree with the price, do not buy the item! It is as simple as that!

    A seller with inflated prices is a far cry from someone passing off counterfeit goods as the genuine article...
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    Hi, If you do not like the prices on ebay then YOU dont have to pay them but eventually someone will. Its the way business works and for many people Ebay is a Business and it is no ones business but theirs of how money they can make.

    "They are the lowest form of existence, always claiming the item is "Sold Out" or unobtainable when i fact that is NOT the case. It makes my blood boil and I call it a scam and not far off pyramid selling or the 419 Nigerian internet scams." -If this is true then why dont buyers do their homework and buy the item from the store instead of buying it from ebay, surely if you are spending 300+ on a bag then you must know about the bag or accessory.

    If you believe this is unethical then you would never buy anything, this is happening everywhere, stores get items for cheap and we pay expensive for them, do I think its unethical ?, NO because thats the only place to buy the item so therefore I must buy it.

    I find it really rude that you outed xxxxx when there are many many sellers on ebay. I think for your first post its just not nice at all and has nothing to do with you what he/she sells. If you are looking for discussion on sellers on ebay then do it but there is no need to just pick on one seller.

  8. ITA :yes:
  9. #9 Jan 28, 2009
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    Agreed. It's an open market that works by demand and supply. High prices are fine so long as it is a flawless item in perfect conditions. And "sold out" can depend on geographical location - it may be aplenty in the States but unavailable in Asia, for example. At the end of the day, it's buyer's choice. The really despisable ones IMO are those who try to pass off counterfeits as authentic, and those who are dishonest e.g. failing to disclose defects.:nogood:
  10. An item can be sold out at certain stores, it's not necessarily lying.. And it is totally up to them how much they want for they bag/item. If you find the price to be too hight the solution is very very simple: don't buy it and wait for another one to come your way :smile:

    So I have no idea why you are so upset.. Comparing them to scammers, saying "they are the lowest form of existence" and especially naming the ebay ID's I find rude and uncalled for..

    Noone is forcing me to buy a bag I find overpriced, and I doubt they force you either ;)
  11. this thread should be closed....
  12. SashaPivovarova, eBay is a marketplace - plain and simple. You want to buy, you pay the price. Some people do not have access to a boutique and would be happy to pay more than retail. It is all about choice. Sometimes an item is indeed sold out in a particular location - buyers need to do their homework.

    This thread is now closed. If you wish to discuss this topic further, please post a thread in the eBay forum. Thank you.
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