Don't you just hate losing an auction?

  1. I've got two poppy handbags (small) and i was watching a big one (what i really wanted but too expensive).. missed it by 2 minutes and gues how much it ended for?? 175 :crybaby:!!! i am sooo sadd!!!
  2. Oh I hate that!! I was watching some Katelyn sneakers a few weeks ago that ended up going for like $53 I think.....I got so mad at myself for not bidding that I ended up buying them at Macys. I got a discount on them and had a gift card so I only spent like $20 out of pocket but I was still a little mad.....
  3. those sneakers are great and hard to find on eBay for less than retail! good thing u got em at macys!
  4. Have you tried sniping? i've used before for items i've really really wanted. it bids your highest amount at the very last second. (this way you also not tempted to go beyond your highest bid)
  5. ya i definately hate when that happens...
  6. What is worse is if you are not sniping, just watching items. Then you lose track of time and the items sell before you get to check your watched items list!
  7. YES! That has happened to me before. HATE that! I just always try to think "It wasn't meant for me this time" :sad:
  8. ^^Same here..:shrugs:
  9. I am definately going to try sniping!!

  10. I use sniping exclusively for all my eBay purchases.

    Each evening I check my watch list and set my bid for any items I actually want.

    That way I don't get distracted and forget to bid if i get busy during the day.
  11. I know the feeling. Happens to me all the time. I try not to forget when the auction I want ends.
  12. nooooooo it WAS meant for me!!! not anyone else!! *crazed look*

    i love anything poppy..
  13. I don't use a sniping service because I like bidding but if I don't make it at the end I don't feel too bad because my philosophy is that another one will come along.
  14. I snipe at the very end -- usually with 2 seconds left! (I've perfected my method LOL! :p )

    Last night I was waiting for a Coach bag to close and I got distracted and forgot about it... it went for nearly $50 less than what I was willing to pay! :crybaby:And it WAS meant for me - I just know it!
  15. awww there there wildflower... what bag was it? we willbe on the lookout for you!

    graberg i cancelled that thing.. the bid already went up past what i was willing to go for... oh well we ll see

    you ve been so lucky!!! i dream about that xl eva tote! what exactly did u put as the search title in eBay to find it?