Dont you just hate it when......

  1. chanel comes out with a new version of a bag you already have except you like the new style more?

    Perfect example is the larger 07 Cabas!
    I don't really want to pay the mark up on the original cabas so the new 07 cabas is perfect EXCEPT I already have a baby one.

    What to do?:confused1:
  2. There will always be bigger and better, but remembering the original reason you loved your first can get you through the lust :p
  3. I agree with South. While you are lusting after it - someone is lusting after yours. Part of the never ending cycle - but enjoy the one you have. Remember there is always next season - with it comes new loves and lusts.

    Though I have to say it would be nice to be famous and have the designers send bags to me - just to be seen with their bags...sort of messed up in a way because they can afford them all...without having to pick and lust.

    Oh well....
  4. You can always sell your baby and get the bigger cabas. I am sure there are lots of gals who would love to buy the baby!
  5. My worst nightmare! I hate when that happens.
  6. Oh I know it.....It's freakin' torture!!!!
  7. Its gud for those that are slow to the bandwagon and didun get to buy the original one >< Please release the grey reissue :biggrin: *Drool*
  8. if you really really really are so crazily in love with the new version, then sell the old one and get the new one. Luckily since I am so petite so I still love my baby one more.
  9. I hate it, but it happens all the time.

  10. I'm scared of that too.

    I'm trying to vary stuff in my collection as much as I can. I have a mini black classic, red07 east west with new chain, denim cabas, medium cambon tote and patchwork flap.

    The quilted flaps keep pulling me back, I only just managed it, I wanted a red bag and I like the new chain ...........I finally decided to get it as the 07 new chain east west, so its at least a different shape as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I guess I should consider selling the baby if I really want the large. I just can't justify having 2 of the same bag in different sizes. Being petite myself, I have a large bag fetish. :p

    I think the biggest thing with the baby cabas for me is because its not a super tall bag in height with the opening being super wide, I am always paranoid that somebody will stick their hand in my bag from behind and steal my wallet or something. With the larger cabas being deeper it would be more difficult to do that without me knowing.
    I know I am crazy, please ignore me :push: