Don't you hate when

  1. a seller put the starting price the same as the BIN price? it looks like it ruins the thrill of the bid!
  2. well i think this is really senseless , what is the excitement of getting a bargain then if you could also bin for the same price as your first bid is...
    someone would be really stupid to bid and not to bin...
  3. LOL.... good point
  4. notice how usually those sell a lot less than reg auctions too, plus I think it's more expensive than just listing a regular bin auction
  5. it's the stupidest thing ever. basically they're paying extra for no reason. they should start it for what they want and price the bin higher. sellers who do that are wasting their money.
  6. They may not realize there is a fixed price option when selling, and just choose an auction since that's the default option on their selling sheet.
  7. I have done this on occassion for a quick sale - it is not a case of putting my bid price up to the BIN price but the other way round. It encourages those that prefer to BIN and most of the time the items I was selling that way wouldn't have gone for more (and I wasn't willing to take less). so you see, it all depends on why you do this... also the tax law here in germany will not allow me to just go for the BIN option (or is that eBay?) - you have to be a merchant trader and pay taxes on your purchases.

    anyways, get this: I have just done that for an item but someone actually bid rather than BINed. I tried to understand why, and the only thing I can think of is that they don't have the funds to pay yet, so waiting for the auction to end - maybe then use their new pay cheque???
  8. mmm, may they've no enough money at that time and want to wait for a few times? :shrugs:
  9. yup. just totally stupid.