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  1. And it turns out to be fake? Argh that happened to me today. When I see Louis vuitton I always give benefit of the doubt unless it's blatantly fake. The first sign today should have been that this woman had brought vachetta to the swimming pool for her baby's lesson. Second sign was the fake looking patina but I didn't inspect it before commenting. I only got a 2 second glance at it before I said 'I love your bag!' and she said thanks. We are in the same lesson so thought I'd make small talk while we were getting our baby's ready so told I collect them myself and she laughed and said oh no, hers is a "bali special". I don't know what pissed me off more, the fact it was fake or her laughing about it... Then going on to say real ones are $2500, who in their right mind would pay that? (after I already said I have a collection!) And then her mum piped in saying "especially when you thought it was real anyway!" I was seething on the inside lol.

    I know fakes are everywhere, and that I shouldn't care what others carry but God damn the attitude they carry with it is appalling. If you can't afford, or don't want to pay the money for LV, cool! Then don't... But don't try and look like you're carrying one anyway. And then to, in a way, brag that its fake, was equally weird!

    Anway, rant over lol and lesson learnt. Have you ever had similar thing happen?
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    If the person is friendly then, regardless of authenticity, I'll compliment their bag since it costs me nothing to be polite and make their day...even if I don't personally agree with their choices. At the end of it all though, it's their money and none of my business what they decide to spend it on - they might not even know their bag is fake or, if they do, it might have sentimental value - but I have absolutely no patience for that arrogant better-than-thou attitude she had.
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  4. Hang on, are you saying I have that attitude? Lol. Sorry, but I do not condone rip off bags nor do I want to compliment them. I remained polite, she on the other hand took a dig at those who do buy the real thing.
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  5. Heck no, I was referring to her and others who share a similarly bad attitude:lol: I don't care for knockoffs either because *insert usual argument here*, but I try not to be judgemental all the same...then again if I was in your position I would have been sorely tempted to show her an authentic LV canvas. Up close and violently personal.
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  6. Haha oh ok good because I reread my OP and was like gosh, I hope I don't sound like a snob lol! Which I guess I do... But I bit my tongue during our conversation. I wish I had one of my LVs but as I said, swimming pool, lots of kids, etc etc :P I guess it just kind of shocks me people wear their fakes so loud and proudly and then make out we are the stupid ones.
  7. I get it the other way round so to speak. Since I carry LV I've noticed people are less friendly with me when I'm out and about shopping etc :sad:i get the feeling they think I'm stuck up. I've only carried LV since January and I've really noticed the difference, compared to when I carry my Gucci a or my MK work bag. I'm still the same person, bubbly smiley self. People are so much more judgemental when you carry a luxury bag.
  8. I re-read my post and touched it up to clarify that it was her attitude that was under fire, not yours;) This mentality just makes me shake my head sometimes; I knew a co-worker who thought along the same lines and defended counterfeits up and down, complete with snide remarks for those of us who purchase authentic. What made her change her tune, to a degree, wasn't that fact that her clothing and bags were falling apart so rapidly, but that she had infection after infection, always being ill, due to her counterfeit cosmetics ("it's stupid to pay $50 for that eyeshadow palette when I got mine for less than 10 on eBay and it's the same damn thing"). Turns out, after lab testing, she was being poisoned by mercury and that her $10 eyeshadow palette, along with a few other items, had astronomical levels of cinnabar. Idiot still thinks that counterfeits are fine despite having permanent kidney damage and loss of an eye:facepalm:
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  9. People can definitely be judgmental about bags- the other day at work a few teachers were commenting on one of my colleague's bags - how much they liked it. She said she got it at Target and was ready to throw it out. Then they all started talking about how much they'd spend on a purse. One of them said they'd only spend $100 and another said "Oh, I'd never spend $300 on a bag- that's just crazy! I get mine at the outlet (pointing to her MK bag). I was carrying my DE pochette with a gold chain and I'm assuming no one recognized it because no one gave me weird looks lol but I was almost waiting for someone to ask ME what I'd spend....
    The teacher with the Target bag is the only one that knows how much I spend and thankfully she didn't chip in to the conversation or give me a look! I think we'd both start laughing at the awkwardness of it all!
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    I've noticed that too over the years. Some people will be friendly and whatnot until their eyes flick down to the bag, a moment of silence, and then their whole behaviour changes...and not always for the better. Oh well, if they're not judging you for your bags then it's how you hang your toilet paper. Opinions are like buttholes; everybody has one, but the amount of crap that comes out varies.
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  11. well, it is funny from her perspective b/c you did think it was real enough to compliment her. so, i guess i'd agree with her here. if you compliment a bag that is fake (and the person knows it's fake), then they have every right to laugh b/c yeah, their bag was $50 and yours was $1500 and theirs looks pretty darn good. i don't care if a bag is real or fake LV - i will compliment anything i like and even if they say "it's a fake!" i'm polite enough to say something like "it's a good one, then." this falls under the umbrella of just not judging and letting everyone live as they may. on a vacation in Hawaii i went into a store that was selling fake LV's and i had my real one with me and the lady asked if it was real. i said yes, and her reply was along the lines of "why are you dumb enough to pay so much when you can have of these for so much less." loads of people don't see the big deal with fakes. i won't carry one, but buy whatever makes you happy and whatever fits your budget. if it pleases her to know she duped you, then big deal... she kinda did:smile:
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  12. Bingo. Honestly, some of the anger in the original post seemed a bit like embarrassment.
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  13. Haha me embarrassed? Embarrassed about what?!
  14. Ok no probs, so you don't mind fake bags then.... Well I do. It's illegal, pretentious and wrong. Carry on :smile:
  15. Oh yeah, I get judged too. Some people scoff and rudely asked how much I paid for the bag I'm carrying and so on. If someone doesn't want to spend more than $100 on a bag, that is totally understandable and I get it! Some people put their money into cars, some into expensive photography, others bags etc etc. But if you don't want to spend the money in the bag, don't try and pretend you did imo. Says a lot about a person I think!
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