don't you hate when this happens?

  1. my dog chewed my burberry strap in two, i couldve killed her that day:cry:
  2. This is my worst dog and my cat both have chewing issues but so far my dog has been focused on chewing up my bras and panties (he is a freaky dog!). Kaito (the dog) so far has never chewed up shoes and I leave them laying around all the time. The cat has a thing for wires and cords (like my Ipod earphone cord). If they ever chew on a $1k+ bag ...I don't even want to think about it...
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  3. ^ LOL, your dog have weird taste.
  4. my dog will chew/eat anything, but it seems she especially likes wood....the legs of expensive tables/furniture, detailing on sliding doors, wall corners, slippers, pants.......she's a bad doggie :shame:
  5. oh i forgot the wood stair railing....i sprayed the stair railing with this bitter spray stuff that is supposed to help and he hasn't chewed it can get it in the pet store...wouldnt suggest it for bags though lol
  6. That's hilarious!! Thank goodness my dog didn't chew any of my bags. She did chew the carpet and baseboard at two of my friends' house where she was staying as a guest! Needless to say she was not invited back. She also chewed my dad's running shoes, and my coffee table so I bought a new one with metal legs. :P :P
  7. My beagle has chewed the shoulder straps of my LV and two pairs of brand new Donald Pliner shoes. Forget the 99 cent flip-flops -- let's go for the good stuff.
  8. This is hilarious. I thought my dog is the only one that chew on bras and panties. She's a girl. lol
  9. My rat did this, only to a Puma bag but it still broke my heart !
  10. I have a friend who's dog chewed off the entire front of her $8,000 leather sofa a few years ago.The dog had issues :lol: .

    I caught my kitty milk treading on a purse once,bit I nipped that in the bud real quick ;) .
  11. Geez, that is funny and sad at the same time!
  12. Ha ha. My dog is a chewer as well. Thank god, he only has gotten my reefs, Dansko clogs (told you he was a chewer), and receipts. My bags are on the top shelves of my closet so he can't get them.