Don't you hate when sizing is different within the brand?


Apr 30, 2006
Just a vent here, I have recently lost 52 lbs. and can now wear really nice clothes and have been going on a bit of a binge of clothes buying.

Anyway, I found this brand, LA Made and I just love their dresses. I have bought 3 of them, all in size medium and they have fit great! Then, I just bought a 4th one, also size medium and it was way too tight, I had to exchange it for a large! Don't you just hate that? Why isn't the sizing the same throughout the label? Maybe it was just a fluke with this one dress, but now I am concerned and am leery of buying anything else from them.


Jul 20, 2009
Is it the same dress? I know that some of my brands do have different measurements even though the numerical size is the same. ie petite 6 vs regular 6 or regular 6 vs slim 6.

To answer your question, yes I hate it too.

ETA, congrats on your weight loss!


born this way
Yes, I had to get a BCBG dress in an 8 when I am normally a 2-4 in their brand. I'm so glad I didn't order it online - I hate having to return internet purchases! I don't care about the number, but I went through four of the same dress before finding the right size... very annoying.