Dont you hate when buyers ask this question....

  1. I hate when Im selling something on eBay.. and every other hour I probably get asked...
    "Why are you selling this item??" To me its like...."none of your damn business.. just bid, who cares why im selling it????" :cursing:

    How would you respond to this when you get it? Do you tell them why youre selling things?? :hysteric:
  2. haha I don't get too many of those. Most of the time in my listing I say something simple stating that its from my personal collection, guaranteed authentic etc. and that I need to sell the pieces that I do not use as much anymore.

    But yea, I'm sure if you get alot of those questions, its bound to be annoying!
  3. LOL! Yes, I hate that question. One day I'm going to answer and say, "not only is the item fake, it's also trashed beyond repair and I'm just waiting for some unsuspecting sucker like yourself to jump on it at top dollar. Thanks for asking!". But for now, I usually don't even respond.
  4. I don't get this question very often, but the times that I do, I don't respond. It's kind of like asking someone why they're bidding- who cares!
  5. I can see asking this question about used cars from a private party... or even adopting a dog from a private party...

    But a BAG!? Hello! We gotta mix up the wardrobe once in a while!
  6. #1: "just picked it up for a tenner in TkMaxx Clearance but y'know it retails at £845.25, so we both are jolly good off with £99"
    #2: "fab £££ shoes indeed, worn twice; bought them in the charity-shop for £4 (as 'worn once') - gave me bleeding blisters in half an hour, that's why I'm selling them for £4.99 starting price... hopefully your feet are odd-shaped."


    Good I'm never asked this kind of questions! :sweatdrop:
    (In fact, #2 was a true story. :shame: But it happened years ago. If the buyer is reading it, my sincere apologies.)
  7. hahah I know.. should I tell the truth and say that Im saving up for an expensive ass Balenciaga bag and I gotta let some other things go....

    hahahah :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. :lol::lol::lol:

    I've personally never asked anyone this question - I figure if they're selling something they either don't love it/use it enough to justify keeping it, have found something that they want more, or are in a position where they have to sell it, in which case they are probably sensitive about it and I would not want to put them through the pain of having to explain it to me. I have seen this question asked a lot, though, for items that are brand new and still in season - i.e., obviously just purchased. In which case, I think that they be looking for a nice way to ask if it's faulty, or maybe they have questions about authenticity.

  10. I tell them the truth....I'm paying off CCs :smile:
  11. Darn those CC's.... always filling up with fabulous purchases...
  12. I know others have posted that they ask/don't mind this question, but I find it very annoying.
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Now I did buy a pair of shoes that fit that description from eBay once but I don't think it was from you :p
  14. I sell on eBay as well as buy. I do admit, even though very rarely, I do ask. I only ask though if it's a really expensive item as in if there was a reason they didn't like it, etc. because it kind of gives me more perspective on the bag and if I really want it. I don't ask if it's something on the low range or if they are a known seller, but if they have especially low FB I will ask.
  15. Questions like "where" and "when" the bag was purchased and if you still have the tags and receipt are probably probing about authenticity. The "why" question may be along the same vein but it really isn't the same thing.