Dont you hate that feeling when your bag has only one bid??

  1. *sigh*

    My IF bag has 5 hours to go and it only has one bid, although I do have two watchers.:sweatdrop:

    Im not the kind of person not to let it go if it goes for the low price....(lucky bidder!) but I was at least hoping to recoup my customs charges along with the sale.

    I gotta stop buying bags that I havent seen in real life...although thats pretty difficult when goods brands arent sold here in the UK.

    Dont you hate that feeling when a quality new bag sells for peanuts? How come I never get the same bargains when Im the bidder?! :lol:
  2. In the US, it's that time of year when sales begin to go into hibernation. It only gets worse until late July or August for Back to School.
  3. aw Hal hopefully something will change in 5 hours! (it can happen at times!)

    Thinhk eBay is just really really slow at the mo
  4. Im so dumb too! My bag is on US eBay, coz Isabella Fiore is unknown here. When my bag was on UK eBay last time, it bombed with only 5 view in 7 days!! LOL!

    I should have put it on in the middle of the night here, co then it will be late afternoon/early evening over there.

    Oh well...congrats to the bidder! *sigh*
  5. TBH, I now wait until the last couple of hours before paying any real attention. I tend to watch and then bid at the last second.

    I soon learned, bidding when it still has 5 days to run, was achieving nothing. Only recently have I bid on an item early on, and that is because the seller kept shifting the time left to run, and if I hadn't put a bid ~ I would probably have been watching it forever.

    Good Luck with your sale. I hope you get a realistic return on it. It is so frustrating.

    5 hours is a long time. 5 second has been a long time to me recently. :sad:
  6. Aw, I feel your pain, especially as a UK based seller. If it's any consolation, most things sell eventually. . . although alas, often not at a desired price. I now make myself answer the tough question "do I want to sell this soon, albeit possibly at a loss more than I want to hang on for what I feel is the right price?". It has made me focus a bit when listing and move beyond the simple 'I want to sell' urge!
  7. i know how you feel - I have listed a couple of times items that went for little. don't worry about listing time - with sniping services there is no problem. actually I agree that early bidding doesn't get you anywhere - even though as a seller I like that.

    to be honest, only once did I ever make a profit on an item - that was when I sold a couple of pieces from the Viktor &Rolf for H&M collection bec they just weren't me. other than that I prepare myself to accept the opening bid. I'd rather pay the fees than see an item go for absolutely nothing.

    btw 5 hours is a lot of time. good luck with your auction
  8. Well my IF hugs&Kisses Tote has been sold for the opening bid of $298 (about £150)....

    Im happy enough, its just those 3 watchers got my hopes up. If I didnt pay customs on it I would be very pleased it sold....Damn Tony Blair!:p

    Now I have to wait and see if the buyer actually pays....a whole different waiting game:rolleyes:
  9. Completely irrelevant to this thread, but Halzer I love your signature!!:yes:
  10. I always wonder the same exact thing. I am never on the receiving end.:wtf:
  11. I know. My CL shoes have 4 days to go, and only 1 person has bid on it, for $9.99. 29 people are watching, though. It was the same situation for a pair of Manolos I sold, but that didn't happen cuz the buyer still hasn't paid!:cursing:

    I guess the way to approach an ebay sale is to sell just those things you either forgot about or wish you hadn't bought, but can't return, so you long ago forgot about the money, and you'd give them away anyway.
  12. Halzer, just think how happy you made someone! I tried to sell some things last year, and it was so disappointing that I decided to just BUY instead--and I have gotten some AWESOME bargains! It's definitely still a buyer's market, although I think that will change as more people start to use it.

    Every time I mention it to someone, they say something like, "Eww, I don't want to buy something USED." I tell them probably more than half the stuff is new, or used once, but it's hard to change people's minds.
  13. Aw, I am sorry that you did not get the price you were hoping for.
  14. I figure it usually balances out - sometimes I have items that I thought would sell for more stick at the opening bid, and then others were I thought I would just give them away and end up going way beyond my expectations. Ebay is so unpredictable in that sense! My best was a wedding dress I had purchased for $700 only to see it end up selling for $1750, all in the last thirty seconds! I was floored!
  15. I had a LAMB purse I bought for $74.00 & sold 2 years later for $600.00- that is my only real WOW on ebay, other than that, I don't really make money but I do get rid of things I don't want anymore.