Don't you hate it when ...

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  1. oh thats so yucky:tdown::yucky::sick::throwup:
  2. Oh No! Have you seen the Red and the Black one too?

    The colour of that brown one though is very, very similar to Cognac! (just for anybody that hasn't seen the colour).
  3. Wow Claire, you've given me a bit of a jolt, not because of the above mentioned bag but this store is a blast from the past for me. I used to live down the road from a Country Road store 20 odd years ago, they're still around, that's amazing! - I still have a leather satchel from them that I no longer use but haven't had the heart to get rid of it.

    Not always a good move though to release a bag that looks very similar to the mabel!
  4. What a blatant rip off of the Mabel design! How can they be allowed to do it? It's worse even than the Next "almost Roxanne tote"....oooh it makes me cross
  5. I know! Horrid, isn't it? The red one is very ugly too, as is a funny looking beige one.
    Having seen them in person, they imitate the Mabel but have changed the proportions a bit. For instance, the buckle strap down the middle has been made big and fat and chunky. It's so ugly as the original is so well-proportioned.
    They also do very close imitations of the Roxanne in denim. Not nice.
    You know, I've observed this for some time in many labels and it never irritated me so much until now. I think one thing that made me cross was people might think I have a horrid Country Road bag and not realise mine's the real deal!
  6. Oh I somehow missed this thread... It's awful :cursing: Especially when they market themselves as proper, trendy shop!

    I have to say when I was walking through M&S the other day, quite a lot of their Oak colour bags were 'imitation' of Mulberry classics IMO.
  7. Russel & Bromley currently have an exact replica (shape/size/colour) of the Snakeskin Agyness! I dont understand how they manage to get away with it!
  8. its really annoying!!! then everyone has these really horrid copies and i think it definately effects the brand. I have a really gorgeous Botkier Bianca but hate using it because i keep seeing nasty cheap fakes everywhere! they have to be stopped!!!!
  9. I agree! Some people love having something that looks hugely expensive/designer knowing they paid a small amount for it - I have a very smug friend who loves buying knock offs and fakes and comparing them to my lovely bags :crybaby: the thing is she always thinks she got the better deal! :yucky:
  10. ahhh thats really irritating - you just cant beat a really nice designer bag - but having masses of fakes really lowers its appeal to me! We went out recently and all four of the ladies we were out with had fake antonys (they had just all been on a trip to asia). They thought that buying the real thing was a waste of money when you can get one the same but way cheaper! I just could not carry a fake bag - no appeal whatsoever to me!
    i understand that its hard to control the big fake producers but surely something can be done about copies being sold in shops - that russel and bromley agyness is just a real cheek!! anyway thats my rant over with!
  11. Yes ratrat you are right. I saw the ones in M&S when with my mum who said - see you don't need to waste your money on Mulberry, these are really nice:cursing:
  12. Russell and bromley consistantly rip off mulberry, I just don't know how they get away with it?
    Their prices arn't exactly cheap so why pay just a little less for a bag that is only a 'homage' to the original????
  13. Quite a few mulberry-a-likes in M and S at the minute - keep seeing them in magazines!