dont you hate it when...

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  1. Someone with an obviously fake bag makes you feel inferior..

    I work at a market stall on the weekends at a very upmarket craft and arts fair. Last weekend a snooty young girl about 20 or so rocks up to my stall with an obviously fake twiggy..the pleather was an awful baby poo brown :yucky: and you could see that the top vinyl layer was peeling away at the corners..

    I decided to spin her on and told her I liked her bag and said .."..its a Balenciaga isnt it??"

    she was a little taken aback that I knew what it was (or what it was trying to be :blink: )
    Sh then raised her nose up at me and said ..

    "yes well...this was a really expensive bag, it cost me a fortune you know.."

    so I say..

    "oh really, thats nice.."

    she then said,
    "I guess you dont see that many expensive bags in your line of work.."

    WTF!!!! :censor:

    I felt like saying..

    "you know what love..I own a chloe, a Balenciaga, four coach and one vinatge chanel...oh and by the way they are all REAL as opposed to that thing on your shoulder..."

    however, being the consumate profesional that I am I merely said ..

    "yes I guess your right" :rolleyes:

    I hate fakers who pretend they are real when they are obviously fake!!

  2. I agree, but I also hate people who ask you if your bag is real, or assume that it's fake when it isn't!
  3. mac, do NOT permit those tammy baye fakers to make you feel inferior! i cant tell you how many times people with fakes think we have the same bag, for all you know she may have got it as a gift and gasp! really does thing its real!!!!!!!!!so, just raise your resonance and smile. :cool: she is not a member of the club............and YOU ARE!:rolleyes:
  4. i would have straight called her out and told her that her bag was fake. i've been carrying exclusively balenciaga lately, so i also would have pulled out my real one :-P.

    some people are so stupid. she obviously knew that her bag was fake, and i bet she knew that you knew as soon as you said the brand it was supposed to be. i would have been merciless.
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    You’re too nice mrsmac.. If I were you I would’ve pointed out that it’s fake (and a very bad one).. I hate snooty people like her who just assume that other people are beneath them!! :mad: And being snooty with a FAKE bag.. omigod!!! As if people can’t tell the difference…
  6. How annoying! What a terrible little :censor: ! Pooh to that piece of crap! She's just embarrassed because she knows she has a nasty fake and that's why she responded so rudely. She was trying to make you feel as bad as she feels for having such a horrid bag.
  7. Mac - what a little *insert various colorful terms here*. What's up with that sort of elitism. She clearly never learned her manners. I am there with you. I would have loved to give her a piece of my mind and it won't be just about the bag at that point!

    I guess you could have also responded with "I guess you don't either!"
  8. mrsmac - YOU GO GET 'EM!!! hehehehe! :roflmfao:
  9. hehe, maybe she bought it on eBay for a few hundred bucks and got scammed with that fugly fake but being the little dumb-a$$ that she is, she prolly thought she was getting the real McCoy. Good on ya, mrsmac. You handled it with a lot of restraint and dignity.
  10. pupster-girl, you totally crack me up, with your puppy's face staring up at me, talking about pooh & crap (lol!!!) :roflmfao:

    p.s. and i totally agree with your sentiment by the way!!!
  11. Great story! I think I would've pointed out that it was fake (nicely of course). But I give you :flowers: for not acting...
  12. You could have said...."gee, no, at work I don't, but when I open my closet I do.":devil:
  13. ^^that's a good one! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. hahaha! I love it, Pearl! Would've paid good money to see that girl's face!:roflmfao:
  15. ooohh earl thats a great one!! :biggrin:

    isnt always the way always come up with the kick ass comebacks...after the event ..