Dont you hate it when....

  1. you find things on sale at the outlet/macy's/Nordstroms/etc. but they're still in the boutiques and online for full price??

    My mom bought a Chelsea Optic Signature Hobo last week at Macy's marked down 40% off plus she used the Friends &Family cupon to get an additional 20% off.

    The same day, we go to the boutique and there it is at full price. Its also still on the site.

    Also over the summer how the Signature Cotton bags were sent to the outlets but they were still selling them online at full price.

    I just feel like if a Coach bag goes on sale, it should be on sale everywhere. I know I would hate to pay full price at a boutique and then find out that it was already at the outlets for a lot cheaper or something like that.

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Thats why I never pay full price! I always wait the couple of months until it goes to the outlets, or on sale. I will ONLY pay full price for things I think arent going to make it to the outlets, or things I just cant wait for lol.

    I buy a lot of things at the Air Force Base too, so that cuts the price down, a lot.
  3. It bothers me too. I do pay full price if it's something I really love. A few times I tried to wait and then I wasn't able to get it at all. So now I gave my self a new rule even for the outlet,which is do you love it enough to pay full price. Many times I have bought a bag because it was a great price and then end up not using it. It may sound weird but it saves me a lot of money and then I truely enjoy the bargains I do get.
  4. That's what stops me from buying full price. Even the PCE discount sometimes isn't enough. I frequent the outlets a lot, and have been really lucky to find some really great deals. I'm a big bargain shopper and get more of a charge out of finding a great deal. So far, I haven't really seen anything that I had to have so much as to pay full price. Plus, DH doesn't get the bag thing, but if he knows I got a great deal will keep the grumbling to a low roar. ;)
  5. i always pay full price bc we have no outlets in canada, and out only department store w coach, holts, never puts it on sale. i did drive across the border to a macy,s sale but the coach i liked wasnt included in the sale.
  6. I pay full price because with my schedule I cannot make it to the outlets on the weekends. So Im stuck trying to find good sales at Macys or other department stores.
  7. Many things that I have loved end up at the outlet. The only time I do the boutique is during pce. I got a turquoise ergo at the outlet in mid summer and that was almost half of what it had been two months prior.
  8. Dept stores Coach isn't run by Coach, so if they put it on sale, it's because they chose to. Also, the reason why there are items that stay full price online, is because they are popular items. Also a lot of people live no where near an outlet, so they just buy it at full price online. Coach full price, and online doesn't run sales, and I'm glad they stay true to that.
  9. A lot of the things you see at the outlets also are returns from customers who instead of returning to the retail store, they return to an outlet and they have to discount it. I was at Tilton last week and they had a Leigh in Juniper, it was reduced 20%
  10. I agree !!! I even went to COACH in Knoxville and their Legacy shoes were on sale for 99 and the Coach in Lexington were still 139... WHATS UP WITH THAT??? :shrugs:
  11. I have seen that too, I live 10 min away from my outlet so I go several times a week to browse and see the new stuff. Luckily, I have serious self-control because I always find something I want marked down. I've got my eye on a signature stripe multi-function tote that I'm prayimg makes it to the outlet soon
  12. There are no Coach Outlets in AZ so I either have to buy from the Dept stores or from the Coach Boutiques. Unfortunately, with all the counterfeit bags popping up and since most Dept store SA's really aren't familiar with Coach products (and possibly may end up accepting counterfeits as "returns"), I'm afraid to purchase from the Dept stores even with their sales/discounts. I'll still resort to paying full price (or wait for PCE's) at the Boutiques or at just to have the peace of mind that what I bought is authentic.

    However, my sister does live 10 min. from a Coach Outlet so I have her check it often for deals. Although, most of the purses I like don't usually make it to her Outlet so I end up buying it from the Boutique or on anyhow.

  13. I was there on monday and saw it! I was sooo tempted to get it, but I need a dark brown leather bag. ::sigh:: it was hard to pass up :sad:
  14. I feel exactly the same. That's why I go to the outlets a lot and try to find things i like then the boutique. I've never bought anything full price at the boutique except keyfobs/charms that I either can't wait to get or think it will be awhile for it to go to the outlet. Plus I usually get the ones that sell out quick or something like that. But other then that I get my bags at my military base when there's a extra discount on top of the already low military price. So basically I go full price on the little things.
  15. It bothers me too which is why I've seriously slowed down on my Coach full price spending (unless its something I've GOT to have). It seems that within the last 2-3 years Coach as been sending things to outlets within a few short months of debutin instead of the "normal" outlet cycle (the past year or two's discontinued items).

    Don't get wrong, I LOVE a deal just like the next woman, but it does bother me to see $500 and up bags go to the outlets within 3-4 months on a regular basis. And (putting on my financial analyst hat) I think it encourages the wrong spending behavior because people will wait until its on sale at the outlet instead of buying full price at the store. This is something I will NEVER understand about Coach's business model - but then again, their bags are made in China so in the grand scheme of things they probably aren't losing that much, if anything really.

    Oh well......happy shopping vibes to all the lucky ladies that live near outlets.