Don't you hate it when ...

  1. you buy and item and get bombarded with emails from the seller every five minutes until you pay. But as soon as you paid for the item you hear NOTHING?!:cursing: Not even when you try and contact the seller several times.:tdown:

    OK, rant over. Just needed to vent. Thanks for letting me.
  2. Oh dear. That has never happened to me, but it sounds a pretty unprofessional way to handle a transaction. What is it you're waiting to hear back about from the seller? I always send a 'parcel on its way' email, but know other sellers don't especially if they have a large eBay business. Hope the transaction goes smoothly from here on.
  3. Basically I needed to receive this particular item by a certain date (today, to be exact). I asked if the shipment can be made by a courier of my choice and paid extra for it. She agreed, promising to use the shipping method I chose and telling me that it will be shipped first thing Monday morning. Anyhow, I just called the shipping company that she was suppose to use and they said that they have nothing in their system that was shipped either yesterday or today to my address. WTF?!:rant:

    Note: she had 10 + listings that ended around the same time mine did but mine was the only one that actually sold and needed to be shipped.
  4. Oh no, that is lousy. I just don't know how people can make promises like this then not follow through - it really is so thoughtless. I'd be pretty hacked off too - what is your next step?
  5. I am not really sure. I just want a reply to at least one of my emails. I don't care at this point if she shipped it or not. Just tell me YES or NO. I hate it when people don't communicate.
  6. er oops!