Don't you hate it when the bag you want sells out?

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  1. Grr. Net-a-porter finally offers free shipping to Australia, but when I log on to buy that blue Milton handbag on sale for a rather excellent price, it's sold out! There's only the pink variety left. Very grumpy :sad:
    They do still have the kind of Milton that's bright green and has a kind of pattern on the front, but I don't like it at all: Looks funny to me, no offense to anyone who has one.
    So, no Miltons for me. What should my second Mulberry be?
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    deleted, see below.
  3. Attempts to edit my post aren't working ... gah.
    I clicked on your link and the site said the item wasn't available :sad:
    And yes, from time to time free shipping is offered (it's quite rare, but has happened twice in a couple of months ... probably economic crisis stuff ...) and it's awesome for me because I'll otherwise pay 30 British pounds. I want to get some Alex Monroe gold jewellery to match the gold hardware of my Mabel :smile:
  4. You need to change to the US site. At the top left hand side of the page there is a link and it probably says United Kingdom. Change to the US site and it should come up :tup:
  5. Claire, yes, it's an awful thing to happen to a bag-maniac. Happened to me last night! I was just about to buy a choc Somerset and it just disappeared from the site I was on. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under my feet! Oh well, I guess fate saved me some money!

    I hope you are able to get the bag you want. There's nothing better!
  6. I hate when this happens too, I was eyeing a white vintage bayswater from lovehandbags, but today it was gone. I would have bought it sooner but payday is next week, such a bummer.. :s Hopefully you'll find another one though :smile:!
  7. Sometimes the sold out bags, appear again. Happens on the Mulberry-site too. Best you can do is check often!! Good luck!!
  8. Would it look like this one?
    First impression is good, but if you are interested, better ask for more pics.