don't you guys think this response from a seller was rude or am i just hormonal

  1. i emailed asking for pictures of the tags or closer clearer pics

    here's his response:
    Sorry for the horrible pictures, I don't have time to sit around and
    wonderful pictures of the tags. As with all Hermes pocket squares,
    isn't an actual Hermes tag attached - it just says made in france,
    instructions, etc. Hope this is what you wanted! Thanks

    umm....what do you mean, "sit around and take wonderful pictures of the tags..." if you're trying to sell something online, you SHOULD be taking pictures of the items that you are trying to sell...ugh...i hate ppl sometimes..


    eBay: Hermes Paris Authentic Pocket Square / Scarf / Ascot!! (item 260087597010 end time Feb-20-07 17:51:38 PST)
  2. thta is rude. she can snap a pic and be done. don't buy it.
  3. whoa, very very rude and inappropriate!
  4. How rude! Pochettes do come with the tags attached when purchased from H. If purchased from NM/BG they have their own tags.
  5. I would pass- why give the schmuck your business!
  6. This seller would be the WORST kind to buy from - hard to communicate with, bad customer service from the start! A good seller should always post pics when asked. Buyer beware!
  7. Yeah. That is rude. I would stay away from this one.
  8. absolutely dump this one! he/she even admits the pics are BAD!
  9. I totally agree with jag! Take your money elsewhere :cursing:
  10. 88.9% rating. What does that tell you?
  11. Here is a pic of the H tag before I took mine off (sorry about the quality, I was not photographing the tag at the time)...

  12. If the seller can't be courteous then I'd walk away. This is a design that you'll find again in the pochette size. I think they even have some at my Neiman's. I'm going tomorrow and I'll take a look for you.....

    ....and No, you're not being hormonal. Hormonal would have been something more like this, "LOOK WHAT THAT BASTARD SAID TO ME! ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHGGHHEHGHGHHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  13. I'll PM you with the location of one of those pochettes....
  14. I would RUN the other way with a response like that - it's a clear indication of how your whole buying process will go with this seller.
  15. funny bc i was thinking that , i just didn't type it ;)