Don't you get tired?

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  1. Do you guys ever get tired of your never ending lust and want of bags? This was me; I would agonize over a bag purchase, obsess over it, buy it, and than immediately start the quest for another bag. I am not alone and frankly it is exhausting.

    I am breaking the cycle! I am finally "at peace" over my handbag collection and am going to take a break from obsessing over bags. Anyone want to join me? How many phoebe's or borough's does one really need? Let's relax and enjoy what we have! :smile:

    Who is with me?
  2. Me :smile:
  3. I don't get tired of wanting, I get tired of trying to figure out how to buy things that Coach says aren't available but actually are and then they're on sale 2 minutes later. That's much more exhausting than the wanting!
  4. I'm with you Becca4277
  5. Well...I still have a couple that I want before I get the 2 LV that I want but that purchase wont be until 2015.
  6. I am with you resisted buying Hair calf Lowell as beautiful as it is I don't need it. I love all my bags and try to use them all. I have them all organized boxed up labeled so I know whats in each box .I am still paying for last years bags getting bills paid finally. I brought so many time to slow down enjoy the many beautiful bags I have.
  7. Why you would come to an enthusiasts' forum and try to discourage them from their hobby is, quite frankly, beyond me.
  8. YES!! This is my life...for example I have been agonizing since a little after Christmas over getting a small Phoebe but could not decide on the color. I finally decided on GQ a few weeks ago then I was on a mission to get the best deal for one. I finally got fed up, ordered one for the price I was willing to pay and I am waiting for it to be delivered.

    I feel it is a vicious cycle I need to break! And I am determined to do it after this! Maybe we need a support group!:smile:
  9. :lol: That's true. The only things I've actually 'craved' for quite some time, other than an LV bag I'd admired for a year and finally received for CNY, and some of the Coach Campbell line (but Campbell was a special surprise case that involves something beyond the bags themselves), ....... is a few Coach Asian exclusives. Sigh. One of them was a keyring form last year that DD liked that I'd still like to track down someday. I know it's not exactly what pasdedeux meant, but I agree with the 'sorry, not available' frustration.
  10. I am not trying to discourage anyone from anything. What don't you re-read my post?
  11. I did this about a year ago. Just stopped buying/lusting. I decided I have enough and that was that. Yes, I still come to the forum and look at other's purchases, but liking a bag and needing to own a bag is not mutually exclusive. I really do have more than I'll ever need. It's been very freeing.
  12. I was wondering the same thing myself.

    I've read your post just fine. You're asking Coach enthusiasts if they are tired of wanting new bags, that you want to break the cycle, and if anyone will join you.

    Yep, that sounds like you're trying to discourage enthusiasts from their hobby.

    Posting on a public forum guarantees you will get responses - some that will agree with you - and some that won't.

    There is no need to be snotty if someone does not agree with you.

    And in repsonse to your initial question - No, I am not tired of pursuing Coach bags. I enjoy the process of seeing what's out there - purchasing bags - and using my bags.
  13. I don't get tired of the lusting, although sometimes I go through cycles of buying. I have always loved buying handbags-even in high school. I don't expect that will change.
  14. I understand what you mean Becca. I was there and I hit that spot and I didn't buy for months! Oh, I still came to tPF and enjoyed reveals and posted and it didn't bother me at all--I felt like I was participating in the joy with the ppl who were buying--it was almost as fun as buying it myself. I was truly appreciating the bags that I had on my shelf and swore that I wasn't buying another one until I experience a want and longing for it for a period of time. Then I saw that Studded Clutch on FOS last week and I feel like all hell has broke loose. All I want to do is buy, buy, buy! The genie is outta the bottle and there's no getting it back in.