Don't ya love when an outfit comes together?

  1. Ladies - I've been quiet on the forum but busy behind the scenes! I've been trying to use some of 50 Chanel and have to share the 3 outfits/shoe-purse combo that came together this week! I'm so excited b/c I really like my purse and shoes to coordinate!

    Lilac flap (so gorgeous!) with lilac top and multi-colored jacket. I wore this with chocolate slacks and boots. couldn't believe how perfect the top went with the purse!

    Deep red (cranberry?) patent purse with Guess pumps (found on sale at DSW yesterday for 40% off $69) cannot wait to wear this tonight if I go out. :heart:

    MB 228 with Liz claiborne booties (also found at dsw on sale yesterday). There's a slight sheen to the booties that really sets off the purse but not so obvious in the pic.

    Now if I can coordinate an outfit for my mint green flap ....

    PLEASE don't ask me to post modeling pics ... after seeing all the incredibly gorgeous tPFers, I feel fat and frumpy in pics. But inspired at the same time! :okay:
    IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0035.JPG IMG_0034.JPG
  2. Everything matches up so nicely! I love when that happens, and that lilac flap is just gorgeous :tup:
  3. Looks fabulous!!
  4. beautiful!! doesnt it make your day so much better when you know you look hot?!
  5. wow!very classy and stylish combinations!I'm sure they'll look gorgeous on you!:nuts::tup:
    The lilac flap is TDF!:love:
  6. That lilac flap is just gorgeous!!! With these outfits, I'm sure you are far from looking fat or frumpy:p
  7. ohh heavens above that lilac flap is just TDF Regina07! Love how everything goes so nicely, and i'm sure you look FAR from frumpy!
  8. loving you lilac :heart:!
  9. :nuts: OMG.....lilac flap is TDF... :drool::drool::drool:
  10. Gorgeous collection! Love co ordinating.
  11. nice job regina!
  12. My goodness, you have 50 Chanel?! Soooooooooooo envious. Do you have a family pic somewhere on the forum of all 50 - I want to see them all together (or maybe I don't - no need to be depressed). You have an eye for coordinating - everything looks lovely.
  13. Wow, you have been having a ball haven't you? What fun!
    Thanks for sharing!
  14. oh I love your MB 228! :drool::heart::drool::heart::drool::heart:
  15. I am totally the same! I love having matching sets of heels and bags! Your lilac jumbo is absolutely stunning... I can't wait to get some more 'sisters' for my jumbo. The red is fierce!