don't waste your money

  1. this post goes for everything that you have tried and turned out completely useless.

    let's share our worst experiences with beauty products.

    i'll start:
    benefit lemon aid, it's too dry for me.
  2. I find anything that Benefit makes a waste of money. It's a shame because they have really cute packaging. The Bad Gal mascara clumps. Ooh la la lift, no good. Dr Feelgood, yuck. Blotting papers are much better.
  3. For me, La Mer. Some love it. I hated it.

    BTW, it doesn't bother me, but some will tell you that threads like this one have already been started... Just do a check...

  4. have they? oh well, mods feel free to delete my thread if it's repeated
  5. I did not like neutrogena's microdermabrasion set. Not so much the exfoliator creams but the system itself. I thought it would turn and it was just a sponge that vibrated. I ended up giving it away. I'd much rather use my fingers. I even think the cream made my face break out which I thought unusual for neutorgena
  6. i've only used my laura mercier tinted moisturizer once. it kinda made my skin flakey.
  7. ve only used my laura mercier tinted moisturizer once. it kinda made my skin flakey...
    Dont give up on it just yet!!!! It went a bit offish with me the first 3 uses, but after that, its true :love:
  8. Mary Kay's new cellu-sculpt system. The night gel is sticky and I don't see a big difference. I am thinking about trying the new one by Chanel. It is only $25 more.
  9. I didn't like Dior mascara... it felt too sludge like...
  10. MAC foundation.

    I might as well have stuck my head in a beehive given what MAC did to my complexion.
  11. Proactiv...for mild acne sure...but anything other doesn't work. And i was told by a plastic surgeon in the family that it made you age faster! yikes.
  12. That's crazy.
    I really hope that's not true, I use Proactiv daily, although they false advertise and claim it treats moderate to problem acne, it's really more or less for mild acne, I haven't had one blemish since i began using it a year ago, and my skin looks more fresh than it ever has.
  13. Charles Worthington Rescue deep conditioning leave- in. Made my hair MORE dry, may be good for curls, but to straighten, drys it out even more, same with the Shine Shine Shine spray, it's useless, smells like old-lady perfume also. Bleh.
  14. Clinique moisterizers (dramatically, turnaround, etc.) are "weak" for my skin, which is very dry.

    I am not happy with Benefit products either.
  15. Origins Modern Friction (I know some love this, but try Laura Mercier Face Polish and you'll see what a real exfoliant can do), all Clinique products (except for their Rx line), MAC powders/foundation, Philosophy Hope in a Jar (I wasn't hoping for much, and that's what I got). :lol: