Don't want to take my J12 off even when I sleep!

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  1. Just got this from hubby for my 10th anniversary. The watch never caught my eyes until a few weeks ago. Wish I knew sooner! Well, at least we bought it before this 4/1 price increases.

    Mine is 33mm w/o diamond. I tried on 38mm and wanted 38mm but my wrist is too small! :tdown: The buckle that snaps the watch is wider than my wrist so if I was to wear size 38mm, the shape will look squarish around my wrist. Hope this makes sense.. hehe...

    :heart: my J12!! :yahoo:

    Go get it before price increase, ladies!! :woohoo:

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  2. Congrats is gorgeous!!!! I have one just like yours and love it too!!!!:yahoo::smile:
  3. Looks so gorgeous, congrats!!!!
  4. Fabulous watch! If I had a J12, I wouldn't want to take it off -ever! ;) Congrats on the anniversary and what a sweet DH!
  5. wow white J12! gorgeous and perfect for summer! :love:

    i m tiny (only 5'2) so i am still thinking about the white 33mm w/ diamonds now. :rolleyes:
  6. SUPER pretty! I love it!
  7. Great choice, looks wonderful on you.

    I was in the same boat as you. and I end up with 33mm too.
    Perfect for us with small wrist.
  8. *jealous* Congrats on the 10 yr anniversary :party: Sizzling hot pix, would've guess you are in 20s if you didn't mention about the anniversary!
  9. Congrats!! It looks fab on you!! I have the 38mm, and the buckle is about 2 inches wider than my wrist, but i kinda like it that way!! Haven't been able to take it off since i got it!!!
  10. It looks so great on you. Happy anniversary!
  11. it looks gorgeous on you. Congrats.. if i were you I'll do the same.. Im not gonna take it off even when Im sleep hahahha
  12. Great watch. Looks great! Congrats.
  13. Happy anniversary...Congrats...what a great gift!
  14. Happy Aniversary! You have a great Dh and the watch looks fab on you.
  15. [​IMG]


    My HG J12 watch....gorgeous:drool::drool:

    U look fabulous on her, congrats:yahoo:Ur DH is so sweet:love: