Don't want to seem stupid...but..

  1. What does fonce mean in Chanel it a color, a model , a shape????I have seen posts about blue fonce, etc. and a bag I own says fonce marron on the label
    ......what is fonce....:heart:H
  2. It means dark in french.
    So. blue fonce is meant to be dark grey but it looks for blue grey
  3. Sorry, is 'blue fonce' = 'dark blue'?:confused1:
  4. Thank you soooo much, my dark brown bag is fonce it makes absolute sense.....thank you so much, Merci Beaucoup mon ami, j'oublie tout mon suis tres stupide:supacool::yahoo: il fait que je retournez a l'alliance francaise !!!! sorry, I have not spoken it nor read it for so mother graduated from the Sorbonne and I was conceived in Paris.....she must be livid up in heaven that i have forgotten my french....thanks again!!!:heart:H