Don't want to lose my boobies...

  1. This is a really vain rant I guess, but it concerns me nonetheless. I have lost a lot of weight and fat from eating a healthier diet. I want to start doing more resistance training to gain some lean muscle now, and more cardio to keep my heart in shape, but I don't want to lose any more weight from my chest. There was a point during my weight loss that all I had left was my wonderful 34D's. However, the last 10 or so pounds has diminished them to large B's, and I am reluctant to lose anymore size. I know my health is more important, but it still makes me sad. Anybody else know what I mean?
  2. I totally FEEL YA!!! :crybaby:Everyone tells me how small my boobs are....even my parents!!! Ever since i started losing weight and going to the gym the past 3 years, my boobs have gone from A to like...NOTHING. My boobs dont fill up some a cup bras, its gotten that bad. I can't wear certain tops because according to my friends...if you look from the side you can see into my bra and see my nipples. Hahaha...omg i cant believe i'm sharing this with all you strangers but yeaaaa it sucks ass.

    But honestly, i'd rather be healthy than have big boobs ya know??? Unfortunately, i started with very little to begin with, you're the lucky one you started out with a lot!!!!

    There's always implants....:tup:
  3. Hi Animal Crackers, congrats on losing all that weight! you don't have to lose cup size. Stay off bench presses if you're going to use free weights. My advice is go easy on chest exercises in general. Remember, boobs are made up of fats and, along with the face, are maybe the first places many women lose fat. What you can do to minimise fat loss from the chest area is massage. Imagine you're screwing the lids off jars and twist inwards. Sounds a bit weird, but it works. It helps build and firm and improve shape. Do about 75 inward rotations once or twice a day and this will help keep your cup size. It will also - slowly - restore cup size. I actually started out a B cup but after my children was a terrible droopy A cup. I also went to the gym a lot and ended up totally flat... Now I wear a C cup, sometimes a smallish D.
    Beware creams and potions for breast growth. Most are just a waste of money. I know because I've tried lots. Not to mention pills and potions!
    Surgery is an option but be careful of it. I knew women with terrible problems afterwards. It's also a lifetime investment. You have to have the implants replaced every 7 years or something. Massage is a slow way, but it's cheap and healthy. It's taken me about 4 years to gain two cup sizes. But it works! I'm amazed myself, but it's true!! Protein will also help regain boobage (but don't go mad or it will just make you pile on the pounds). Good luck :smile:
  4. Hey partridge, thanks for the tip! I've also lost weight recently and have gone from a large C to a small C/large B. I think hubby misses them, too! I'm going to try your tip. PS Any tips for keeping them perky?
  5. lol ok..while I'm here can anyone tell me how to lose my boobs?! I have a very full D but the rest of my body is pretty tone. I can't wear a lot of shirts because I will be spilling out. I never thought anyone would have a problem of losing boobs, but since it's possible please tell me your secret haha
  6. i second the massage idea. also, are you on the pill? i went up a full cup size when i went on it (in addition to other benefits)
  7. I used to be a 48DD, and a I am now a 38B. It sort of bothers me a little, but I actually think the overall shape of my breasts improved a bit, because I exercised my upper body. Also, I think DD breasts would look rather silly on my body now.
  8. It really depends on each person. I don't lose any from my chest even in my skinniest days. When you lose weight, you'll lose it from everywhere, you can't spot the area to lose weight.....but some people start losing more from chest, hips, stomach and etc. I do recommend doing some chest work out, though. You need to have some muscle to prevent your breasts to sag, I do decent amount of weight lifting for chest for that reason but haven't lost my cup size just decreased my undercup size.
  9. Just go buy some new ones :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. ^ Absolutely! You can't choose where the weight loss will come from, it's all genetics and your body decides where the weight will come off. Also, just as wintotty said if your muscles under your bust is toned your bust will look more perky and less saggy.
  11. I have the SAME fear! I will try the massage...I've never heard of that before.....I wonder why/how it works??????? Anyone know??????
  12. I have no idea what it is called, but there is some kind of a hand held workout thing that is supposed to help enhance the chest area...I often wonder if that would work, too!
  13. Everything I have ever read have said thats a complete myth. Exercising the chest is actually a good thing because it builds up the muscle under the breasts and can actually give the illusion of bigger breasts.I weight lift pretty aggressively and do lots of chest exercises and I never lost any cup size.
  14. LOL Azhangie - this happens to me too - there's just not enough boob to stop my bra from falling open at the top LOL... I always push my boobs up from underneath so that the fill that gap at the top - I wish they made a padded bra that pushed from the right place :upsidedown:

    OP - perhaps you could do some weights to increase your pectoral muscles?
  15. omgosh my problem exactly!! =( so sad