Dont want negative feedback. But do they deserve it?

  1. Hey all . Well its been seven days and this buyer hasn't paid me. I state on my auction Paypal only. If you dont have paypal and want to bid on the item shouldnt the buyer get paypal before the auction ends? I think this person hasnt gotten paypal and is waiting to get approved. But I dont know what to do should i state inpaid item and leave negative feedback or i dont know ??? I dont want negative feedback and if i leave negative feedback just for revenge they will do the same. What should i do ??? Help also should i relist?
  2. I dont think people realise it takes a week to fully register with paypal. Has she said that's what the problem is? I mean if there's no contact then I would definitely be filing an unpaid item dispute.
  3. If you haven't yet, I would contact the buyer and if you don't hear back in 24 hours, then act on it.
  4. Has she been in communication with you? If I were in your situation I would contact her and request a final decision. Good Luck! Doesn't PayPal provide a payment option for credit card purchases that doesn't require signing-up?
  5. Don't neg them yet! File them as a NPB and providing they DON'T respond to that and once you have your fees back you can neg them without fear of retaliation. eBay does not allow NPB's who don't respond to the NPB alert to leave any feedback. They can leave a comment but it has no impact on your feedback
  6. The auction ended a week ago and i sent her the invioce 2 days later i asked her again. And saturday she sent me an email with this "paying through paypal as soon as paypal creates my credit card account...... Just applied and shouldnt take no time according to them"
    Ok im a very understanding person . But "just applied" i mean shouldnt they applied for the card before the auction ended???
  7. And shouldnt the person contact me before to tell me their situation?? I state in my auction any problems with payment please contact me im very understanding. I write that .... But it doesnt help.... Sorry for whining....
  8. Aww that sucks :sad:
    I would mail her again right now and ask her when she is going to pay. Just say you don't want to wait any longer for payment and you are going to file an unpaid thingy. Is she a new user?
  9. ^ nope.. she has 177 feedback but i looked at her feedback and all the items she has bought and she pays by money orders . bc all the auctions have money orders i figure you know... She does have one negative feedback for an unpaid item. So i dont know. I just dont like to pressure people you know... I dont want to sound to pushy... IS that normal??
  10. I would ask her to send a MO, which is better for the seller than PayPal anyway, as it is uncertain how much longer it will take to get her paypal account in order.
  11. I know but i honestly perfer Paypal . I have been scammend with money orders. that is why i dont trust them. Maybe they wont scam me but i have my fears..

  12. ^^^What she said:yes: ^^^^
  13. i just sent them an email. I told her i was gonna relist item tomorrow if i didnt get paid .And i apologized if i sounded pushy but i needed to know. so lets hope if they write back if not.... Relist my item right??
  14. I think you need to file the NPB and get that closed and settled before you relist. Otherwise you potentially have 2 contracts for a single item if she does pay you before the NPB gets closed out. Then you are a non-performing seller. You have to take it one step at a time.
  15. You can relist, but if you wait until this gets settled, then you'll get your fees back. It will be cheaper for you in the long run.