Don't use lubricants when TTC- Pre~Seed

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  1. There has been a lot of talk about Pre~Seed in the TTC thread, so I thought it needed it's own thread...

    I didn't know that lubricants and saliva are sperm killer, until being introduced to Pre~Seed.

    Pre~Seed is a "fertility friendly intimate moisturizer".

    This the problem (copied from website):
    Trying to conceive (TTC) is a big issue. At least 90 million couples worldwide, 11 million in the US alone, are trying to become pregnant. With only a 20% average chance of becoming pregnant each cycle, it's no surprise that couples can become stressed.
    Intercourse on demand around ovulation can lead to anxiety and increased vaginal dryness. In fact,75% of TTC couplesreport an increased frequency of vaginal dryness.
    In relieving vaginal dryness, couples do not want to create another problem. However, most personal lubricants and even saliva can harm sperm. Research conducted on personal lubricants over the past three decades has clearly demonstrated their detrimental effects on sperm.

    Their solution:

    Pre~Seed® is the right solution for YOUR vaginal dryness.
    pH balanced to match fertile cervical mucus
    Patented, one-of-a-kind formula does not harm sperm
    Contains arabinogalactan for antioxidant support
    Internal application coats vagina & cervix
    [​IMG] Clinically tested and doctor recommended

  2. I've used it an I can say that using the whole tube is a bit much... I recommend starting out with a little. I think "less is more" definintely applies to Pre-Seed.
  3. Good to know. I have actually looked that up before. But for now I do not need it. I have a lot of CM when the time is right. I know TMI, LOL.
  4. I used pre-seed for two month.

    We got the preg in the second month.

    The whole tube is too much. Even it says don't use once is opened, we put the cab back on and use it on the next day in the second month.
  5. So it is okay to use it once it has been opened?
  6. I did use one tube for two nights.
  7. got prego the first month we used preseed. convinced it was what got us +++
  8. I don't generally have a problem with dryness esp around ovulation, but then again I usually get "help" from my husband. Reading that saliva damages sperm is rather discouraging. Hmm.
  9. ^ Well then maybe you guys should try this.
  10. Yeah I just ordered some. And I suppose it is also possible that my own lubricant is somehow hostile or at the very least suboptimal for my husband's swimmers. I will definitely give this a try.
  11. ^ It could be. Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It says to avoid saliva...It can kill sperm. Also to avoid scented tampons, douches, and many more things as they can be harmful too. I recommend this book!!
  12. It saddens me greatly that I will have to avoid saliva, but hey, only for a few days out of the month. heheh.

    And I never use scented anything up there! I take very good care of my lady business.
  13. I have gotten pregnant EVERY time I use Pre-seed. It's THAT good!!!
  14. I just stocked up a couple weeks ago, gonna get busy! :graucho:

  15. That's good. We all should be taking very good care of ourselves when TTC. :yes: