Don't understand these ebay buyers

  1. Sorry, don't mean to vent but I just can't seem to get a grasp on this whole eBay thing.
    I just saw where someone did a BIN for the same item I currently have listed for way more money. My listing has a reasonable price and very clear detailed pictures including photos of the original receipt. I don't get it. Do you see this happen alot????
  2. Yup - it is all in how they are pulling up the listings...
  3. Was yours a BIN too? Personally I always choose BIN over bidding, even if it's a bit more. I really hate the bidding process.
  4. I put BIN on all of my auction listings - it is truly a hit a miss game IMO - I have pulled up items and again pulled them up -same way and get totally different listings...
  5. They might have missed your auction, or maybe the other seller paid more for it to be featured, highlighted, etc.
  6. Yep-My item was a BIN too for less $$.
  7. yep...this happens to me ALL THE TIME! I think you just get lucky sometimes...
  8. ^Yeah I agree.
    I've had that same thing happen...items in much worse condition than mine have gone for more than the item I have. I don't get it.
  9. Hey Kitty--- Are you a newer seller?? That could also possibly affect where one makes a purchase... Just a thought
  10. well...some people are just lazy to find good deals or research for more ... so they'd just settle for whatever they see first..
  11. It is so annoying. I sold a NWT bag $1600 for only $305 because I got very few bids and then another ebayer (a well-respected reseller) sold the same bag in a different color for almost $500. And that bag was used. My bag had a couple of smudges, but so did the used bag. Since I was hoping to get more, I'm going to have to sell the other one I have of the bag to pay some expenses.

    I had more photos and a good description, but people just weren't interested. In addition to hurting my pocketbook, it hurts the ego too.
  12. yes this has happened to me too. maybe the buyer has purchased from that seller before and felt more comfortable dealing with them, just an idea.
  13. Yes this happens. Or seller has attractive combined shipping discounts, or had better use of keywords than you. Most people search listings by keywords and not category.
  14. I know, I am dealing with similar problems! I am currently relisting my vuitton theda GM. It is almost mint and unavailable in stores. New it was worth almost 3000.00 CAD and I am having trouble getting 900.00 for it!! I decided that I won't let it go for little or nothing, I will keep it if I can't get a decent price for it
  15. Yes, it has happened to me alll the time