don't underestimate my language skills

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  1. I was in Starbucks this afternoon, and because it was sunny and 66F out for the first time this year, I wore a denim miniskirt and carried my Monogram Denim Neo-Speedy to match. As I walked into Starbucks, two girls walked in and got in line right behind me. They might have been Canadian -- Canada being just 45 minutes away from Buffalo -- because they looked at me for a moment, then started speaking French to each other. Fortunately I lived in France for 2 years when I was younger, and I'm now a French minor in school, so I understood every word they said. Their conversation went something like this:

    Girl 1: Oh, she's carrying one of the denim bags. I like it.

    Girl 2: I think it's fake.

    Girl 1: How do you know?

    Girl 2: The buckles on the pockets look too gold.

    And so they went on for a bit, and while I was waiting for my mocha frap, I stole a glance at Girl 2, and realized that she was carrying a fake white Multicolore Lodge (the smaller one) :amazed::weird::lol:. It wasn't even a good fake; whoever made it didn't even attempt to put 33 colors on it, and this one had something like 7 colors :sick:. Then the girl caught me looking at her bag, and I couldn't resist giving her that little I-know-your-bag-is-fake sneer :suspiciou:biggrin:.

    "Too gold" indeed!
  2. LOL!

    I wouldn't have said anything about her dreadful fake, but I WOULD have definitely said in French to her, "No, sweetie, actually mine is not!"
  3. You should have said something to her in French!! That would have been great!!!!
  4. wow..that's funny...I was caught in the same position as you once..isnt it funny?? please..MINE FAKE...I dont think so GIRL!!!
  5. lol.
  6. lol...that's would have hilarious if you said something back to them in french!
  7. i wish i'd said something in french now, but at that moment it didn't enter my mind. i think i might have been kind of stunned into silence
  8. What a funny story, especially since you had the last laugh! Thanks for sharing. Those beyotches should know better than to disrespect your beautiful authentic bag!

    P.S. Congrats on spring finally reaching Buffalo! I grew up and lived in the Syracuse area until December '05 before moving to the sunny southwest, so I totally understand your excitement for the 66 degree weather. :smile:
  9. Nice! It would've been pretty sweet if you had said something back in French. I wonder what their faces would've looked like!!

    Trop or?? Mais non! (Or is it trop d'or? Oh gosh, this is why I will fail the AP test...)
  10. How do you say, "Shut the F--- up, you cheap counterfeit perpetuating whore!" in French? :nuts:
  11. Ironique, vraiment.. mais ca sont folies de les jeunesses
  12. i would be so mad and say you wear fake bags.
  13. :lol:
  14. How about "Yours isn't real but mine is." LOL.
  15. I'm dying!!!!!!!! ROTFL!