Don't u just hate it when u smile at someone & they look at u as though u r an idiot?

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  1. I exercise nearly everyday as i'm trying to loose and get fit. I try to b friendly with every passerbyer by saying hi or just nice smile makes the track more enjoyable :smile:

    Usually ppl would say hi and yea greet! But there is others who look at u as though u r an idiot or some stupid person and never say anything.

    Sorry to complain but i just wish ppl b more friendly! Be nice to have more smiles and greetings in this world. :smile:
  2. I think a lot of people are a little shy and probably aren't used to being smiled at or greeted in a friendly way by strangers! Maybe they're just kind of lost in their own world and weren't paying attention. I don't think anybody would ignore you because they thought you were an idiot. ;)
  3. There was a women today and yea just smiled cos she such a cute daughter in her pram :smile:

    But when I did she looked up and down and gave a smirk at me and just turned away. I don't appreciate that all so I should b judge while im exercising? I'm not fat but man i felt that was rude :sad:
  4. I hate when I smile at someone and they don't reciprocate...

    I feel so dumb!!
  5. this happens to me all the time also, i get ticked off when they give me a smirk or something similar, i usually turn away and go on about my usual day. obviously those people do not understand the meaning of kindness. :shrugs:
  6. oh yeah, especially if it's someone i KNOW!
    i have this house mate, he's very funny and nice in home, but when we go to school, sometimes he ignored me because he thinks he's too cool to be my friend.
    i don't talk to him anymore now! now i'm too cool to talk to him AT ALL :roflmfao:
  7. Happens to me all the time! When I'm happy, I smile at everyone. I try to just shrug it off because some people are just grouchy!
  8. Happens to me all the time...and then I'm just standing there, smiling like a weirdo, and everyone looks at me funny. I also hate it when you wave at someone, and they don't see you, so you have to pretend you're fixing your hair.
  9. THis is like when you are leaving , and u see someone coming, and u try to spare a few seconds to hold the door for the, then they just walk on thru without sayin thanks or even acknowledging you.

    I hate it when that happens. Makes me feel like I should of just let the door go in their faace for being RUDE!!!

  10. maybe exercising makes them grumpy, LOL.

    I notice a lot of people try not to make any sort of eye contact at the gym, I know i don't like being stared at while i'm grunting and sweating trying to lift weights!
  11. couturgrl, mj805, daffie

    awww girls it's nice to know i'm not alone on this issue.:heart: I think it's such a small & nice gesture and i've always believed it can make a difference to someone who is having a bad day cos it's a simple acknowledgement that somebody cares enough to give a smile or hi. :yes:

    That's ridiculous! I usually don't waste time on friends like that. I study architecture and it can b such a pretentious crowd all about fashion, cool friends, crowd, artsy blah blah but well connected with other areas. After a while u realise that true friends don't judge u and all but ready to give a hug, support and smile to make a nice day for me. People like that are pretentious and unreasonable. Judging someone is the last thing u want to do to a friend and in his case he is now too uncool to hang with ya haha :roflmfao: He deserves it!

    :sad: Although it is irritating but don't stop smiling :biggrin: I would think u a great person for giving me a smile if i past by ya! Unfortunately im 1 of those type of people who don't wear my glasses often LOL. So if people were waving at me unfortunately I may not respond & it's not because I'm a snob but cos i cant see LOL :nuts:

    Oh that annoys me so much it is R.U.D.E! Argh especially when i do for old people they don't seem nod at me etc. I guess it's custom but nice to just a have thank u from them but i guess they expect young ppl to do it without thanks. Especially when i see a mother with her pram and u try to make a open doorway for her and often i get a thanks but at times it's a like a wasted effort.

    Jen Loves LV

    LOL well yea i guess. I just hate it when the guys are checking me out i guess i can b a snob with that. But who wants guys checking u out when u r working out it's so perverted LOL. But often if they smile and yea dont look below my head b nice im ok
  12. i'm from visual design communiation major, so lots of people are pretentious...
    that's why me and my art majors friends laugh a lot on the movie "art school confidentials" because all the art majors type of people are described well there :roflmfao:
  13. Yeah, some people have no social skills, lol.
  14. OMG, I hate that too! That's like my pet peeve. I live in an Asian community, and a lot of women are like that. (I'm Asian too, but I was born here) I'm like, what is up w/ that? Is it just cultural differences? Because I thought it was just good manner to reply w/ a smile.
  15. I hate it too. I have noticed that even clerks in stores are even rude now days. I try to be nice to everyone and I hate when they are rude.