Dont Try This @ Home

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    In an unusual ritual to protect the young from evil spirits, a Spanish man dressed in a red and yellow costume jumps over babies placed on a mattress. The centuries-old ritual takes place in Castrillo de Murcia, northern Spain, as part of traditional Corpus Christi celebrations.
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  2. Not with my baby !
  3. wow. :wtf:

    just wow.

    less painful for the babies than circumcision, I'd imagine, though. :sweatdrop:
  4. What is the point in doing this? WOW! LOL
  5. :wtf::tdown:
  6. omg![​IMG]
  7. Omg, crazy fool! :tdown:
  8. Some people in my culture do something similar - when a baby is born it's passed under the belly of an elephant...supposedly to give them strength and courage.
  9. :confused1:
  10. Wow.. how dangerous. That man better be skilled at baby leaping!
  11. That sounds safe! :rolleyes:

    Not with my baby!!
  12. Interesting. Which culture is this?
  13. Strange practice. That picture looks a little funny, though. His body wouldn't photograph like that in motion.

  14. Huh ??
  15. Wow ! I would love to hear more.