Dont trust ebay

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  1. I really have given up on buying bags off eBay. I'm sick of people lying about authenticity to make a quick buck. I'm currently going through a paypal claim trying to get my money back on a fake gucci baby bag i bought. It is such a pain stakinging long and annoying process. They dont make it easy. :cursing:

  2. I've been there, hang in there!! It's so frustrating because they want a letter of authenticity from a retailer, but retailers will not authenticate bags. Sometimes i think it's more geared to protect the seller rather than the buyer who has been conned. Can you claim back through your credit card company? it's worth calling them to find out.
  3. Hi- I have got an authentic one i am selling at the moment, if you want any pics to prove yours is fake please let me know. I can see quite a few difference looking at ur pics!
  4. I hear you! It's gotten to the point where the fakes are being allowed to sell and the people at eBay can't tell the difference between an authentic vs. obviously fake one and the sellers that do sell authentic handbags have their listing pulled because of "trademark infringment" (it's happened twice to me already). I'm frustrated as a buyer and seller and no longer want anything to do with eBay. I'd rather save up my money and buy it retail.
  5. I actually had the same experience but dont want to go through a lot of hassles returning the bag anymore. I won the bid for $262. I saw a lot being sold on ebay actually. The bag looks real. It has the care and authenticity card. Has a serial no.. cant tell the difference between the dustbag that I have or my genuine gucci hobo bag and the dustbag that the diaper bag has. I went to one website who sells the same exact bag for $180. They are from china!! i bought the diaper bag last month, but I did not use it all. Thinking of returning it but cant get the chance as I do not want to deal w/ hassles. =)
  6. I was selling on ebay but it's insane. I had pictures of my authentic bags that proved they were authentic (under zipper labels etc.). I kept getting my ads yanked by people claiming they were fakes or my shipping was too expensive ($15). I think the fake sellers didn't like me making it obvious what is fake and what is real so they kept reporting my listings. It seems like ebay is a losing battle for buyers and sellers. I'm trying to sell via website now, but it's SLOW!
  7. Im sorry you were scammed... Ill keep my fingers crossed for you with paypal