Don't think I'm going to keep my Spiaggio Zucca

  1. I'm just not all excited about it like I thought I would be. I'm just "eh" about it... Do you guys know if PulseSTL accepts returns if the plastic is off the qee? I just got it yesterday and my dd was looking at it and took the plastic off the qee while she was playing with it. It still has the other tags and stuffing.
    I love the shape of the zucca though!
    Here are some pics if anyone wants to see which one I got!
  2. its soo pretty, it think u should keep it!
  3. just call Casey and need to get an RA number anyway. They should be open's 10:30 there.
  4. Believe it or not I think it is too small for me! I have the BV and while it is not as tall, it seems to hold more and is easier to get in and out of. I have to lug stuff around for the baby and carry diabetic supplies for my daughter. The BV is just more functional. There are some really cute characters on there though!
    Btw, thank you for my May Day package! I was so excited to see the warm vanilla sugar stuff! I love that but haven't had any in over a year!!! YUM!
  5. maybe Casey can swap it out for a BV...........they still have some left.
  6. If you're just so-so about a $184 purse I'd definitely return or exchange it!! :yes: I am totally in :love: w/my Spiagga Zucca :drool: I definitely think the BV is way bigger than the zucca. The BV can hold tons of stuff. Why don't you try exchanging it for a BV like TRacy said? Did you contact Pulse??
  7. You should give Pulse a call. I know they still had some BV's yesterday afternoon when I called. I wasn't in love with my stellina so I decided to exchange it for a BV instead.
  8. Really Blackwidow...the stellina was :yucky: ? I had a feeling the stellina and campeggio and cucciolo aren't the prettiest bags for this print since it's so large and once it starts getting cut up for the pockets of those bags forget about it :sad: The BV is perfect for this print. :graucho:
  9. You're absolutely right Jeny. The print is too big for the stellina and it looks all cut up on the pockets. The back scene had nice print placement but the style of the bag just doesn't fit the print. I should have gone with the BV in the first place. :shrugs: So now I'm getting one.
  10. I'm glad they had some left for you!! :graucho:
    I thought about cancelling my preorder and just waiting to pick up a BV in the stores but now I'm super glad I didn't b/c I'm sooooo in :heart: with my Zucca. It's just perfect in every way!!! :yahoo: I hope you get a bV that you love as much as I love my bag!! :yes:
  11. Yeah, I'm hoping it looks great! I asked for the little hawaiian girl rubbing suntan lotion on the little boy's back and I wanted some ocean scene as well. So she picked one out and told me it was centered on there. So we will see.
  12. I love my BV's but I was thinking of getting a Zucca. I haven't seen it IRL...hmm I wonder if I would like it. We're talking about going up to Chicago...maybe I'll stop by some stores and check it out.
  13. I have my Pirata BV and only want one BV espeicially since they are both beachy type scenes. I think I'm going to take the Spiaggio $ and try to find a Foresta Campeggio.
  14. That would be :supacool: if you could find some zuccas and pick one out for yourself. With this print it's all about placement so every bag looks so different. I :love: mine sooooooooooooooo much!! :drool:

    Sparky - I think that's a great :idea: if that's what you really want!! Good luck on the Campeggio hunt :graucho:
  15. I've still be holding onto my pirata I'm wondering if I should return it and get a spiaggia campeggio instead? It wears me out all of these expensive decisions! What to do??? I've decided I'm not going to "one print per thing" rule....there are some prints I don't love...I'd rather have a couple of pieces in the prints I I going to love spiaggia more than pirata?