Don't think I can resist.....

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  1. A grey Daria.
    I keep going back to look at it on the website. I saw a woman in Bath with the green one and loved the size and shape.
    Price-wise it's out of my comfort zone as I don't like to go above £500 but I have a £50 voucher so may bite the bullet.
    I don't think I can wait for it to come into the outlets!
  2. Ooh I really like the grey daria tote and the grey french purse. I must resist!!!
  3. ooh green daria? sj was it patent green or spongy leather like the grey daria?
  4. £550 so that means it's the satchel and not the hobo? I know what you mean, I keep going back and looking at this bag too. I haven't seen it IRL to see what the leather's like, but I'd hope it would be soft and smooshy. SJ, did you see the pics of Kate Bosworth carrying this bag? It was TDF!
  5. Great bag SJ! I wonder how long you will be able to resist??
  6. hehe!!! I thought you wanted a black mabel hobo!!!
  7. u must resist!!!
  8. Whats the latest SJ? have you ordered it yet?!:biggrin:
  9. It's the hobo I'm after rather than the satchel. I think it'll cost me about £600 with my £50 discount.
    I'm waiting to see if I buy anything at the meet tomorrow but if I don't, I'll go ahead and order it.

  10. I think it was green patent. I'm not a patent lover at all but it looked fab and I really like the stonking great disc on the front too.

    Jo, I had decided on a black Mabel hobo for winter but then the grey Daria hobo came along......I think grey would make a nice change from black and would go really well with my mainly monochrome winter wardrobe.