Don't they make a lovely PAIR? *pics of bags & shoes*

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  1. chloe75- Not sure which I like best! Those boots are GORGEOUS!
  2. chloe75, stunning new stuff!
  3. I have purchased a couple of pairs of non-designer shoes recently with my chloe bags in mind... here they are with their co-ordinating bags:

    gold quilted bay & flats:


    and dust heloise hobo & flats:

  4. Love the Chloe Python Betty & Durango Boots!!!
  5. Love the Bay and the flats...great...:love:
    And I love the second pairing as well...
  6. DRR-

    I just love the soft, neutral colors on your Bay and Heli hobo, and the shoe pairings are very pretty. Love the flats.
  7. aw thanks madforchloe - I am a true neutral girl :smile:
  8. You are one stylish lady. I am a fan of co-ordinated neutrals! ;)
  9. chodessa - the Python Silverado Hobo is TDF! The boots work with it well
  10. Thank You!!

    Love the flats you purchased DRR, perfect matches!! :woohoo:
  11. Thought I'd bump this thread...

    Here's Marcie with Silverados.

  12. Love that combo kdo!
  13. Thanks, DRR!
  14. Oh Kdo, drooly eye candy!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  15. Love Marcie...and I really need those boots...:nuts:
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